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Ali Karimi

Ramadan 16, 1439 2018-06-01

Letters To The Editor

by Ali Karimi (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 4, Ramadan, 1439)

The Great Satan again showed its real face by officially moving its embassy to Jerusalem calling it Israel’s “capital.” This caused the anger of all Muslims and seekers of freedom and justice. The Great Satan’s quest to eradicate Palestine is impossible. This land belongs to Islam and the Palestinian people. The holy city of al-Quds is an inseparable part of Palestine.

Declaring holy Quds as capital of the Zionist regime reveals their failures and the responsibility for all insecurities lies with the US and Zionist regime.

We the Muslims, Shi‘i and Sunni, with the same voice and cause will chant the freedom of Palestine and the holy city of Quds on this year’s International Quds Day rally.

Hoping and praying for the liberation of Palestine soon.

Ali Karimi
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