New Jordanian prime minister: Israel’s man in Amman

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Sha'ban 24, 1437 2016-05-31

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

The Arabian rulers, all agents of imperialism and Zionism are aware that their survival depends of appeasing the Zionists in Occupied Palestine. Jordan has just proved this once again when the puppet ruler of the kingdom dismissed parliament and appointed Hani Mulki as prime minister. Like the king, Muki too is a Zionist puppet.

Tuesday May 31, 2016, 17:07 DST

The Arabian rulers have abandoned even the pretense of maintaining dignity and self-respect. The name of the game is to appease Zionist Israel, that is, if the latter would accept the Arabian rulers’ surrender.

On May 29, the putative Jordanian ruler, King Abdullah II dismissed parliament and appointed Hani Fawi Mulki as the interim prime minister. Mulki had served in other cabinet posts including as foreign minister in the past.

Like the king, Mulki too is a well-known Zionist. This is what made him a favorite for the executive post even while authority remains in the hands of the king.

In appointing Mulki, the king said in his letter: "The kingdom faces grave economic difficulties due to the volatile situation in this region, which has had an adverse impact on growth levels." This was a prelude to what the king really wanted to say: "Therefore we have to take exceptional and innovative measures that help us overcome these challenges and obstacles."

While Abdullah did not spell out what those “exceptional and innovative measures” were, the appointment itself is indicative of the king’s thinking. He wants a prime minister with strong Israeli connections. Mulki fits the bill perfectly.

Before Abdullah dismissed parliament, it had just approved the pro-Israel “investment law” allowing foreign investments, including by the Zionist regime, in key projects such as energy and infrastructure development.

“Passing the investment law and allowing Israel to have control over our economics constitutes a serious threat to Jordan’s economic interests and its national security,” retired army general and columnist Mousa al-Odwan said. Such voices calling for protection of Jordanian interests will be drowned out by the sycophantic applause from hangers-on extolling the non-existent virtues of the putative king.

Abdullah’s father, the late king Hussain was installed on the Jordanian throne by the British and later served as paid CIA agent for 57 years. What is really insulting is that he was willing—and eager—to work for the CIA for a mere $1 million per year.

If he wanted to sell himself, he should have charged a reasonable fee but for these traitors, serving their masters is the great achievement of their lives.

His son, born to a British mother, is no better. He wants to appease the Zionists without whose approval he cannot remain on the throne. There appears to be strong competition between the Najdi Bedouins and the Jordanian ruling family as to who is more subservient and loyal to Zionist Israel.

Welcome to the real Middle East ruled by puppets and clowns.


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