"Nobody likes me," complains Trump. Try being less obnoxious

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Dhu al-Hijjah 12, 1441 2020-08-02

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by Crescent International

Donald Trump who believes he is the ‘best president’ America has (n)ever had, is complaining, “nobody likes me”.

Such self-pity is unusual for the narcissist-in-chief.

Throughout his three years in the White House, he has boasted that he is the “most popular” president in US history.

He also claimed he had the “largest turnout” for his inauguration, surpassing any previous president.

It simply wasn’t true.

But to massage his oversized ego, Trump aides had to photoshop images to fill huge empty spaces to make it look as if there were crowds there.

So, how has the self-declared “most popular president” been reduced to nobody liking him?

“It can only be my personality,” Trump said, “that’s all.”

He ranted on about how Dr Anthony Fauci’s approval ratings were so high while his were not so great, CNN reported.

Trump said Dr Fauci worked for him, so if the doctor’s approval ratings were high, his should also be high.

“Besides, Fauci is not as tall as I am. When he stands next to me, although I don’t let him come too close, he might infect me with the virus, he is hardly up to my waist. So how can people like this shorty but not me?”

He seemed to imply that the American people were stupid because they approved of Dr Fauci but not him!

Besides, he complained that the pandemic has nothing to do with him.

Trump insists on calling it the “Wuhan flu”. He has given it other labels: “Kung flu”, for instance.

Since the first cases were reported in the US in January, he downplayed the threat.

He insisted it will all blow away by April when the warm weather rolls in.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic in February, Trump scoffed at it and said he would cut its funding.

He proceeded to do just that, as if by doing so, the pandemic would just go away.

By March 27, when the number of US infections and deaths mounted, Trump claimed he was the first to call it a pandemic, before anyone else!

Like his other claims, this was a big lie but let’s not quibble about these minor details. What has he done since to try and bring it under control?

When he is not telling people to ingest Clorox or other toxic chemicals to clean themselves from the inside—to the horror of health experts—he says the US has the largest number of infections because of very high testing rates.

As of 4:30 pm on August 2, America’s infections stood at 4.8 million with total deaths of 158,224.

These numbers keep climbing at an alarming rate.

Trump insists it is not his fault. Besides, these people would eventually have died anyway.

He definitely has a point!

But what about the economy? Ah, the economy.

“The Chinese deliberately sabotaged America’s economy. It was doing great until the ‘Wuhan flu’ hit the US,” says Trump.

“I even spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping to buy some more US Treasury bonds, but he refused,” Trump said angrily.

“I thought he was my friend. He will pay a price, a huge price,” threatened the whiner-in-chief.

“I am going to send the biggest US naval ships the Chinese have ever seen with their small eyes. That will teach them a lesson,” Trump warned.

But he insisted he will win the November elections because “most Americans still love me even if they don’t like me!”

Reason? “I took the cognitive IQ test and my score was perfect. The doctors were amazed at my brilliance. I bet that old man [Joe] Biden won’t get past even question number 5.”

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