Only Islamic concept of freedom can guarantee people’s dignity – Rahbar

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Rabi' al-Awwal 18, 1435 2014-01-19

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The Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei addressed several thousand assembled guests in Tehran on the occasion of the birthday of the noble Messenger of Allah (saws). While warning the assembled gathering and Muslims beyond against the divisive tactics of the enemies of Islam, he also gave the glad tidings that Muslims were on the rise and making good progress.

Tehran, Crescent-online
Sunday January 19, 2014, 05:17 EST

Only the Islamic concept of freedom can guarantee people’s rights and dignity, said the Rahbar, Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei in his wide-ranging address on the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of the noble Messenger of Allah (saws). Several thousand people gathered at the Rahbar’s office to hear his address on Sunday January 19 morning in Tehran.

The Rahbar’s address was preceded by President Hassan Rohani sharing his thoughts on the blessed life of the noble Messenger (saws). Also present at the platform were Ayatullah Hashemi Rafsanjani, Chairman of the Expediency Council, Dr Ali Larijani, Speaker of Iran’s Majlis and Ayatullah Sadeq Larijani, Attorney General of Iran.

Government ministers, members of parliament, commanders of Iran’s armed forces as well as more than 300 foreign guests invited to participate in the Muslim Unity Conference were also present.

Paying tribute to the noble personality of the Messenger of Allah, the Rahbar said that he (saws) was sent as a mercy to all the worlds and his example is obligatory for all of us to emulate.

The Rahbar drew attention to the continued occupation of Palestine and said that the arrogant powers have tried but failed to obliterate the name of Palestine. Only Islamic resistance has been able to keep the spirit of freedom alive among the Palestinians and that it is the responsibility of all Muslims to assist them in this quest.

Given the alarming rise in sectarianism and the rise of takfiri groups in the Muslim world, the Rahbar said that such conduct is completely contrary to the teachings of Islam and the example of the noble Messenger (saws).

Developing on this theme, the Rahbar said that there is far more common among Muslims of different Schools of Thought than what divides them and he urged all Muslims to focus on the commonalities to frustrate the plans of the enemies of Islam.

He said that the enemies of Islam are trying to divide Muslims and divert their attention from their struggle for dignity and freedom especially in Palestine. He cautioned the Muslims to be vigilant in this regard and not allow the enemies to sow discord among them.

The leader of the Islamic Revolution, however, gave a message of hope and said that the Muslim world is on its way to progress. He cited the great strides the Islamic Republic of Iran has made in different fields despite the sanctions and other restrictions that have been placed on it.

He also said that attempts are being made to discourage Muslims and stifle the campaign of Islamic awakening underway. The Rahbar urged the Muslims to be vigilant and if they strive in the way of Allah with sincerity, victory will be theirs.


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