Our duty in life

Developing Just Leadership

Muslim Mahmood

Dhu al-Qa'dah 25, 1434 2013-10-01

Letters To The Editor

by Muslim Mahmood (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 8, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1434)

Muslims have the Qur’an and the Sunnah and the Seerah of the noble Messenger (saws). They have everything they need to begin to live a life of dignity rather than fighting each other.

“The Qur’an is Allah’s (swt) last and final formal communication to all humanity. It encapsulates the complete behaviors that allow man to fulfill his mission on earth and lead him on a course to Allah (swt), his ultimate destination. Muhammad’s (pbuh) task was to build a civil society founded on divine principles and parallel social culture that could be relied upon to continually show man a path from darkness into light.” The global Muslim Ummah is honored with that task with the guardianship of their Lord and Sustainer, so what on earth are we doing fighting amongst ourselves and settling for crumbs?

Muslim Mahmood

Abuja, Nigeria

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