Pakistan: agenda for the new government

Developing Just Leadership

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah

Rajab 22, 1434 2013-06-01

Letters To The Editor

by Nasir Hussain Peerzadah (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 4, Rajab, 1434)

What the priorities of the new Pakistani government should be, are listed by Nasir Hussain Peerzadah from Kashmir.

The recent elections in Pakistan are historic and a good omen for stability provided the new government is serious with the job assigned to it.The Nawaz Sharif-led government has to deal with some burning issues. Previous leaders could not actualize the dreams of Allama Mohammed Iqbal and the legendary leader Quaid Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Though no miracles are expected from the new government at least they should get the country out of its present quagmire and set the stage for the emergence of a true democratic, Islamic and progressive Pakistan. The following points need immediate attention.

1. The government should strive to make the society homogenous based on Islamic brotherhood, eradicating sectarianism and intolerance.

2. Special attention should be placed on pursuit of education. Centers of excellence for qualitative research in science and technology should be set up.

3. The country should learn to live without foreign aid. Indigenous resources should be mobilized for economic development.

4. American influence and hegemony should be ended and there should be no more drone attacks and killings of the innocent. There should be a close vigil on the activities of RAW, MOSSAD and CIA.

Finally, there should be no political revenge. The new setup should wholeheartedly work for the betterment of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah.

Nasir Hussain Peerzadah

Srinagar, Kashmir

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