Paris attacks: Who done it?

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Safar 02, 1437 2015-11-14

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by Crescent International

Nearly 150 people have been killed in separate attacks in Paris. In one attack, on a stadium in the French capital, President Francois Hollande was also present. It seems incredible that French security was so lax for the president. Who was behind the multiple attacks has not been established except accusations against ISIS and their affiliates. We may never know the identity of the real perpetrators but ordinary Muslims will pay the price.

Saturday November 14, 2015, 12:03 EST

After every act of horror, such as Friday night’s multiple attacks in Paris, there is a familiar reaction depending on who is speaking.

For Western regimes and their apologists, it is the ‘Islamic State’ terrorists. No proof is necessary since they are evil because they follow an evil religion called ‘Islam.’

For those opposed to Western policies in the Muslim East (aka the Middle East), such acts are the result of misguided Western policies that have bred resentment among so many Muslims.

Both groups point their accusing fingers at Muslims.

So far, no evidence has been presented as to who the perpetrators are. Muslims, however, will pay the price whether living in France, Europe as well as in North America.

Further, the Paris attacks are also being used to create fear about the refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq.

There is a third body of opinion that posits that it could be a false flag operation. This cannot be ruled out. It is always important to ask: who benefits and what could be the motive of the attackers?

If the attackers were indeed ISIS/ISIL sympathizers then it does not make much sense for them to attack soft targets: cafes, theatre, a stadium etc. After all, most people frequently such places are not the ones making French policy in Syria or supporting it. No French state institutions—military or police, for instance—have been targeted.

Besides, French policy is not really against the ISIS/ISIL terrorists (takfiris as far as Muslims are concerned). The French as well as their Western allies have been supporting “moderate” Syrian rebels against the government of Bashar al-Asad.

One wonders how they figure out who the “moderates” are?

Two other observations are on in order. First, there were two other attacks in recent days. First, the October 31 downing of the Russian plane over Sinai. The terrorists claimed responsibility for it although other evidence points to the involvement of American mercenaries.

The Paris attacks were preceded by two horrific suicide bombings in Beirut that killed 45 innocent people and left scores injured.

It is also worth noting that we did not hear the kind of condemnation from Western rulers over the Russian plane downing and Beirut suicide bombings as has been the case with the Paris bombings. Clearly, some lives are more precious than others.

Let us, however, return to the false flag theory. Who could be behind it? Of all the intelligence agencies, the one that stands out the Zionist agency, Mossad. It has deep roots in France and has many facilitators in the country.

What could be their motive? Simple. The US-Zionist-Saudi-backed takfiri terrorists are being degraded through Russian bombings.

It may be a desperate move by the Zionists to force Western regimes to send their troops against the government of President Asad. His army has recently made gains against the terrorists and has recaptured a number of areas from their control.

The terrorist stronghold of Aleppo is being squeezed from all sides and if it is liberated, their supply lines from Turkey would be cut. They would be left in an even more vulnerable state than they are today.

In the absence of any concrete proof, all this remains speculative. What is, however, important to keep in mind is that one should not accept the official version of such events without getting clear answers to critical questions.


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