Pelosi’s Taiwan visit aimed at provoking China

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Muharram 05, 1444 2022-08-03

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by Crescent International

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on August 2-3, was intended to provoke the Chinese who had warned against the trip.

It succeeded in arousing Chinese wrath who said that those who play with fire will “perish” by it.

Beijing warned that her trip would have a “severe impact on the political foundation of China-US relations.”

Pelosi is an anti-China hawk and plays to American arms peddlers and merchants of death.

In Taipei, she made provocative statements intended to offend China.

I want to make it “unequivocally clear” that the United States would “not abandon” the democratically governed island, she said upon arrival.

What exactly would the US do, or can do, if China were to invade Taiwan and occupy it?

Will the US start a war with China?

Despite its $813 billion military budget, the US military has no stomach for wars.

Just recall the recent beating it got in Afghanistan from where it had to flee in disgrace, not to mention Iraq and Vietnam earlier.

China claims Taiwan as part of its territory under its one-China policy.

Even the US accepts the one-China policy, notwithstanding periodic belligerent statements by American officials.

Upon arrival on August 2, Pelosi and her congressional delegation was received warmly by Taiwanese officials.

Also accompanying her was General Lloyd Austin, the Pentagon chief. The message being delivered could not be mistaken.

The people’s reaction was different. When she went to the legislature earlier today (August 3), she was greeted by protesters.

Some of the protesters shouted, “Pelosi, get lost”. They held placards reading, “Taiwan doesn’t want war.”

The Taiwanese people realize that war will destroy their island-state that is no match for China.

Besides, the US is not a reliable friend.

The Taiwanese can see what the US is doing to Ukraine by pushing it to continue to fight Russia.

Ukraine is losing more than 1,000 soldiers a day. Injuries are manyfold higher.

Its economy has been destroyed causing more than $1 trillion in infrastructure losses.

The people of Taiwan do not want to suffer a similar fate.

Even Joe Biden said that the US military thought the trip was “not a good idea” but the 82-year-old Pelosi was determined to prove her iron-lady credentials.

Flashing her expensive dentures, she descended on the island like a dark cloud.

That the Chinese are upset is an understatement.

One can imagine the uproar in the US if the chairman of China’s ruling Chinese Communist Party were to arrive in Puerto Rico and announce that China stands with its people.

China has vowed to “reunify” the island with the mainland, by force if necessary.

Soon after Pelosi’s arrival, China launched military drills in the South China Sea as well as flew aerial sorties over Taiwan in a show of force.

Taiwan’s defence ministry described the Chinese moves as “irrational” and tantamount to a “blockade.”

Would such statements deter the Chinese? Not likely.

The question that must be asked is: why are the Americans so determined to provoke China—and Russia—at the same time?

The American establishment, especially the hawkish elements within it, believe that China’s economic progress can be derailed by entangling it in military conflicts.

This is also the rationale behind Quad, the four-country group comprising the US, Japan, India and Australia.

American war hawks believe that if they establish a string of alliances around China, its economic and military progress can be contained and ultimately stymied.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan must be seen with this background in mind.

There is no limit to American wickedness.

It can be witnessed in Germany, a supposed US ally and NATO member, whose economy is being ruined for America’s war aims in Europe.

Taiwan is being used to undermine China.

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