Police arrest Jewish man brandishing sword outside Toronto Mosque

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Rajab 21, 1444 2023-02-12

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Police had to be called to a Toronto Mosque when a Jewish man, brandishing a sword, threatened to attack worshippers.

The incident occurred on Friday February 10, when Muslims were gathered for the main weekly midday prayer.

Fortunately, no one was physically harmed but the threatening incident left several worshippers including children, deeply traumatized.

The Jewish man had become a frequent visitor to the mosque carrying a Torah and railing against the Qur’an.

The mosque management invited him inside the mosque for a respectful dialogue.

They explained to him that as part of their faith, Muslims are required to respect the Torah and the Bible.

It appeared that the Jewish man was satisfied by this explanation at the time but on Friday (February 10), he showed up, not with a Torah but a sword.

The police also found a second sword in his vehicle.

He was arrested and taken away for questioning.

Unfortunately, such incidents have become all too frequent.

In December 2022, a man had assaulted the Imam as he led the early morning prayer at the same mosque.

Other attacks have been far more deadly.

Six worshippers were murdered in cold blood as they offered the late-night prayer in the Quebec City Cultural Centre in Laval, Quebec in January 2017.

A caretaker outside the Rexdale Mosque in Toronto had his throat slit by a white racist with a large knife in September 2020.

It seems it is open season on Muslims and their places of worship.

There was no media coverage of what can only be described as a threatened terrorist assault by a Jewish man.

Would the media have treated the incident with the same indifference if a Muslim had gone brandishing a sword outside a synagogue?

We can imagine the screaming headlines.

Every member of the Muslim community would be suspected as an accomplice and considered guilty until proven innocent.

Not so when it involves members of other faith communities.

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