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Safar 01, 1442 2020-09-18

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Casting aside basic rights and showing scant regard for the rule of law, the Australian government of Scott Morrison has targeted NSW State Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane and subjected him to trial by the media.

He is accused of being influenced by a “foreign power”—in this case China—and, therefore, working for it against the interests of Australia.

What’s the proof for this scandalous allegation?

One of Moselmane’s part-time staffers is John Zhang, of Chinese origin of course.

Since the Australian government has joined the US and other Western countries in targeting China because of its growing global influence, anything even remotely connected with China is suspect.

Moselmane’s other ‘sin’ is that he is a Muslim and supports the rights of the Palestinians.

These two deadly ‘sins’ have made him an easy target of the government and political system that is based on white privilege.

In one of the most bizarre acts of orchestrated theater, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided Moselmane’s house in the early hours of June 26.

Yet, journalists had already set up their TV cameras, lights and satellite dishes outside the MP’s house before the police arrived. How did the media know about the raid unless the AFP had notified them in advance?

During the raid on his house that left his elderly parents and family traumatized, the police told him that he was not a suspect in the “investigation”.

Yet they spent 18 hours inside his house and carted away dozens of black boxes as well as his computers and other material, all in the glare of TV cameras.

Ray Hadley of radio 2GB set the tone of abuse by referring to Moselmane as “a train wreck”, “a Chinese PR spokesperson”, “this low life”, “unworthy traitor.”

These are pretty serious allegations and clearly fall under the category of defamation yet in Australia, if you are white and your target is a Muslim, then such abuse is considered normal.

Even the leader of NSW Labor Pary, Jodi McKay did not stand up for her party member. When Hadley asserted that the people of NSW “want that bloke sacked,” McKay responded, “Ray his actions have been appalling.”

How did Ms. McKay come to such a conclusion? Have the police laid any charges against Moselmane and have they been tested in a court of law?

He has been suspended from the party while the “investigation” is underway even though the police state Moselmane is not being investigated.

One wonders what kind of democracy exists in Australia if a member of parliament cannot disagree with government policy.

Moselmane has stated that the Chinese community in Australia is facing abuse.

He has stood up for their rights calling them law-abiding citizens.

Unfortunately, in most Western countries allegations against China spreading the coronavirus are standard fare.

By extension, people of Chinese origin are targeted and abused.

In his first interview since the raids on his home, Mr Moselmane acknowledged foreign influence was a concern in Australia but he rejected any suggestion that he would be the target of a potential foreign influence campaign.

I’m a backbencher. I have no portfolio,” he said.

“I don’t have anything to provide, if you like, that would be of interest to the Chinese.”

“I can’t see why they would be approaching me for foreign influence.”

The right-wing Australian government has joined the American Crusade against China.

It is part of the Quad—the US, Japan, Australia and India—that is trying to encircle China in the South China Sea.

Australia is playing a dangerous game. It will pay a heavy price since the bulk of its exports go to China that has imposed stiff tariff following Australian belligerence.

The US will not be able to compensate Australia for loss of the Chinese market. Nor can Australia find other markets for its goods so easily.

But racism is not based on rationality.

That is why it is so dangerous.

Moselmane is the latest victim of such racism. Unfortunately, he will not be the last.

We must bear in mind that the New Zealand mosque shooter, the terrorist Brenton Tarrant was born in Australia.

He murdered 51 innocent people in cold blood.

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