Qatari plot to smuggle chemical weapons to terrorist in Syria

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Rajab 07, 1435 2014-05-06

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by Crescent International

Tiny Qatar is trying to punch way above its weight in regional affairs. It has just been revealed through hacked emails that it tried to smuggle chemical weapons into Syria using a British arms contractor. The plot also involved using Russian speaking Ukrainians, Serbs and Croats to implicate Russia as well and thereby create a pretext for direct US attack on Syria.

London, Crescent-online
Tuesday May 06, 2014, 23:09 DST

A new plot, this time hatched by Qatar, to smuggle chemical weapons to the terrorists in Syria and then blame their use on the Syrian regime has come to light.

Hacked emails to the British arms contractor, BRITAM, shed light on the Qatari regime’s request to the British firm to smuggle chemical weapons to the Syrian town of Homs. The tiny shaikhdom promised to pay a handsome amount for the service.

This was revealed by the British Middle East Center for Studies and Research earlier this year. The plot came to light after BRITAM servers were hacked and huge amounts of classified internal files were released to the public.

Among the hacked documents was an e-mail from Britam’s Defense Business Development Director David Goulding addressed to Philip Doughty who is Dynamic Director of the firm. Doughty is a former SAS officer.

In the e-mail, Goulding seeks Doughty’s advice about a proposed shipment of Chemical Weapons requested by Qatar to be sent Homs.

He also reveals that the Qataris already have Washington’s approval. The plot involves the delivery of Soviet origin g-shell from Libya, similar to those that the Asad regime has, since all its weapons are Russian supplied.

Further, the Qataris want BRITAM to utilize the services of Russian speaking Ukrainians so that the use of chemical weapons can be nailed on the Syrian regime that is being helped by the Russians.

The transcript of the hacked e-mail reads as follows:


We've got a new offer. It's about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

We'll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.

They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don't think it's a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards


The idea to use Russian speaking personnel, whether Ukrainian or of other nationality such as Serbs or Croats, is to lay the blame on the Russians if chemical weapons are used and to create the pretext for US attack on Syria.

The hacked files contain the list of Ukrainians working in Iraq, supposedly for forging videos. There are also photocopies of passports of several Ukrainians.

The list of other nationalities indicates that the videos would depict “Russians” (because they would speak Russian) using chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, thereby justifying a direct US attack on the country.

From the beginning of the foreign-backed war on Syria, Qatar together with Saudi Arabia and Turkey has been deeply involved. Tiny Qatar’s dirty role is gradually being exposed. Saudi involvement in plotting the overthrow of Bashar al-Asad’s government is well known but has not been very successful.

The latest chemical weapons plot indicates how far even Qatar is prepared to go to overthrow the government of Syria. This will clearly have implications for the future.


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