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Ramadan 01, 1437 2016-06-06

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by Crescent International

Ramadan is a month of blessings. The noble Messenger (peace be upon him) has said that this is the month of the Ummah. In another hadith, he is reported to have said that Allah will reward His faithful servants for their good deeds from 10 to 50 but for the person fasting for the sake of Allah, he/she will be rewarded abundantly by the Merciful Lord. Ramadan Kareem!

Sunday June 5, 2016, 21:27 DST

With the blessed month of Ramadan about to begin, we wish all our readers Ramadan Kareem.

Ramadan is a month of caring and sharing as well as of controlling our nafs. It is the month of building taqwa and getting more fully engaged with the noble Book of Allah that was sent in its earthly form from the Lawhun Mahfuz (the Well-guarded Tablet) in this month.

The noble Messenger, peace be upon him (pbuh), received the first revelations in this month in the Cave of Hira, away from the hustle and bustle of life in Makkah.

Even while Muslims go hungry and thirsty for a number of hours, difficult as they may be in the long summer months in North America and Europe, they must remember that there are hundreds of millions of people, most of them Muslims, that go hungry to bed every night. They have no hope of having a meal at the end of the day or the next day.

If we fast the way the noble Messenger (pbuh) practiced and taught us, we the nearly 2 billion Muslims can make an appreciable difference in alleviating global poverty. Muslims must make a serious effort not to over-indulge at the time of Iftaar and suhur, tempting as it may be.

We pray to Allah subhanahu wa taala to enable us to fulfill His commands in the manner they are supposed to be followed and to make us upright and committed Muslims, Ameen.

Ramadan Kareem to all.


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