Resistance forced Israel to accept Gaza truce on its terms

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Shawwal 29, 1435 2014-08-26

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by Crescent International

The Islamic resistance has dealt a stunning blow to Zionist Israel in Gaza. Despite lacking weapons and bottled up in the tiny enclave, the Islamic resistance forced the zionists to accept their terms for a truce. Most Palestinian demands have been accepted reflecting the zionists' defeat in the brutal war in which they murdered nearly 2200 innocent Palestinian civilians.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 20:43 DST

After prevailing on the battlefield, the Palestinian resistance led by Hamas and Islamic Jihad was able to force the Zionists to accept their terms even on the negotiating table.A long-term truce went into effect on Tuesday at 1900 local time (1600 GMT) after prolonged but indirect talks in Cairo mediated by Egypt.The zionists continued to bombard the Gaza Strip in a sign of desperation hitting apartment buildings and terrorizing innocent civilians but they have little or no military significance. As the truce was announced, instant celebrations erupted in Gaza. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad declared it a great victory. Under the terms of the truce, the siege of Gaza would be lifted. This was the principal demand of the Palestinians. Talks will continue about the opening of an airport in Gaza as well as a sea port.

The fishing rights of Palestinians, currently illegally restricted to a 3-mile limit, will also be extended to 12 miles as demanded by the Palestinians. The zionists had demanded the disarming of the resistance, a demand that was firmly and categorically rejected by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Speaking in Beirut today after the truce announcement, Islamic Jihad leader Dr Ramadan Abdullah Shallah said there was no discussion about disarming the resistance. Israeli leaders tried to put a brave face on the truce saying the terms were available to the Palestinians on July 15 but they rejected them.

This is a lie. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority (PA) head, speaking from Ramallah, highlighted the need to help Gazans rebuild their houses and infrastructure devastated by Israeli attacks from the air and ground. While thanking Qatar and the US for facilitating the truce, Abbas urged the international community to step forward and help in the reconstruction of Gaza. He also said that the United Nations will send humanitarian aid to the impoverished Palestinian territory very soon.

The ceasefire deal stipulates an end to the Israeli blockade as well as provision of a guarantee that Palestinian demands and needs will be met. The deal also says crossings between Gaza and Israel will open and the two sides will engage in direct talks. This is another victory for Hamas since hitherto the zionists had rejected any direct talks with the resistance group. Hamas declared the truce as a victory for the resistance saying the deal showed the Palestinians have prevailed in the Zionist-imposed war. Leaders of Hamas also called for mass rallies in the West Bank, similar to those that broke out spontaneously in Gaza, to celebrate the victory.

Despite lacking in arms and with no air power, the resistance has shown that if led by sincere and dedicated leadership, it can withstand an enemy many times larger possessing huge stockpiles of weapons. Ultimately, the outcome of the struggle is determined not by weapons by the will and determination of the combatants. The Palestinians have demonstrated that they not only have the will to resist but also to prevail. This should be a sobering lesson for the arrogant Zionists.


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