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Dr Salim Chaudhry

Sha'ban 25, 1440 2019-05-01

Letters To The Editor

by Dr Salim Chaudhry (Letters To The Editor, Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 3, Sha'ban, 1440)

There are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world occupying 20% of the Earth’s landmass but their plight is pitiful. Whose fault is it? Most Muslim rulers are illegitimate and cruel dictators. There is widespread poverty, illiteracy, and consequently suffering in the Muslim world. The wealthy countries, mainly from oil income, waste it on buying weapons at inflated prices from the West that their pathetically incompetent armed forces cannot use. When was the last time any Muslim army in the Muslim East won a battle?

Instead, people’s militias, such as Hizbullah, the Taliban, and militias in Iraq and Syria have achieved notable successes against their enemies. What this indicates is that standing armies are a waste of money; they are unable to secure their borders. Instead, they are used to oppress their own people or attack hapless Muslims elsewhere. The Saudi attack on dirt-poor Yemen is a clear example. The Saudis have never used their army to help the Palestinians suffering decades of Zionist oppression and brutality. They have actually aligned themselves with the Zionists against Muslims. It is time to launch a campaign to get rid of these regimes and their bloated militaries whose multibillion-dollar budgets are a serious drain on every country’s resources that could be better utilized to benefit the people.

Dr. Salim Chaudhry
Los Angeles, CA, US

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