Saudi-backed terrorists blow up Sana'a mosques killing hundreds

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Jumada' al-Ula' 29, 1436 2015-03-20

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by Crescent International

The takfiri terrorists backed by the primitive Saudi regime only know how to destroy and kill. Their latest outrage was committed in Sana'a, Yemen's capital, where two takfiri suicide bombers in a hurry to go to hell, blew themselves up inside two mosques killing 130 people as they had gathered for Jumuah (Friday) Prayers. Hundreds of others were badly injured. The takfiris claimed responsibility for the attack, as reported by the BBC.

Friday March 20, 2015, 12:43 DST

Nothing is sacred as far as Saudi-backed terrorists, the takfiris are concerned. They do not care for human life—Muslim or non-Muslim. They are quite eager to blow up mosques as they have just done in Sana‘a, the capital of Yemen today. Nearly 130 worshippers were killed—this number will definitely go higher are more people succumb to injuries—as they attended Jumuah (Friday) prayers in two of the city’s main mosques. Hundreds of others were injured, many with shrapnel and flying glass from shattered windows. Two of Sana‘a main mosques, the Badr and al-Hashoosh, were struck as worshippers were gathered for the main prayer. Both mosques were packed with worshippers that are used mainly by Zaydis, who are Shias. Eyewitnesses said there were at least three suicide bombers involved.

In the first attack on Badr Mosque, a suicide bomber entered the building and detonated an explosive device as worshippers were sitting inside. The Imam of the Badr Mosque, the well-known scholar al-Murtada bin Zayd al-Mahatwari, was among those martyred in the blast. As survivors sought to escape the mayhem through the main gates, another suicide bomber was waiting who blew himself up causing more casualties.

The second suicide bomber struck al-Hashoosh mosque, in a northern part of the city. Mohammed al-Ansi, a worshipper at the Mosque was reported by the Associated Press as saying: "The heads, legs and arms of the dead people were scattered on the floor of the mosque." He further added "blood is running like a river". Ansi like many others was badly injured by the explosion that shattered glass the mosque's glass windows.

The Houthis have taken control of Sana‘a since last September after months of mayhem that had brought the capital city to a standstill. Last month, they put the president Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi under house arrest from where he escaped to the southern port city of Aden, making it his capital city. A day earlier, there was fighting in and around Aden Airport by forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In Sana‘a, Saudi-backed al Qaeda groups as well as the takfiri terrorists that go by several different names—Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, IS etc—have made their presence felt. Their signature mark is beheading people. When they cannot do that, they use suicide bombers, mostly impressionable young men that know little or nothing about Islam, to blow up mosques and other buildings where their opponents may be present.

The Houthi-run al-Masirah TV channel broadcast footage from inside al-Hashoosh Mosque where volunteers were using blankets to carry away victims. Bodies were also lined up in the prayer hall. Al-Masirah also reported that hospitals in the city had made urgent appeals for blood donations to help treat the large number of casualties. According to reports, a fourth suicide bomber had targeted a mosque in the northern city of Saada - a Houthi stronghold - but only the attacker was killed. Suicide bombings and blowing up mosques are the signature marks of these Saudi-backed and financed terrorists.


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