Saudis hold music concert amidst Israeli genocide in Gaza

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Rabi' al-Thani 22, 1445 2023-11-06

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

The western-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza has surpassed 10,000 Palestinian deaths as of November 6.

More than half of them are children.

The actual death toll is much higher since thousands of bodies are still buried under the rubble and are unaccounted for.

Amid this heart-wrenching brutality inflicted by the neo-Nazis in Israel, it would be reasonable to expect that the Muslim world would show some concern beyond rhetoric.

Perish the thought.

Apart from issuing vacuous statements, Muslim regimes, especially in the Arab world, have done nothing.

Instead, the Saudi regime is holding a music festival at which Shakira is expected to sing.

Who is Shakira?

She is a Colombian-born singer and song-writer and is something of an international celebrity.

Like using sports, the Saudi regime is trying to build its image as a modern state by holding music concerts.

Can concerts wash away the egregious crimes it perpetrates against its own people as well as those in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and now in Gaza?

True, the Saudis are not directly involved in the zionist-perpetrated genocide in Gaza but taking no practical steps to end it means complicity in Israeli war crimes.

If the Americans, Canadians and Europeans are supporting the zionist war criminals, it is because they are their blood relatives.

The vast majority of Jews residing in Palestine are illegal migrants from North America, Europe (East and West) and Russia.

Further, the zionists are doing to the indigenous Palestinians what the white Europeans did to the indigenous peoples of North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Perpetrating genocide is in their DNA.

But what about the Arab and Muslim regimes: who is helping the Palestinian people and who is indifferent or even hostile?

At the top of the criminal syndicate sit the Saudi and Egyptian regimes.

The Palestinian resistance has shattered their hoped-for normalization with the zionist entity.

The Saudis are furious.

They would rather welcome and wine and dine with the zionists than having to worry about troublesome Palestinians that keep on disrupting their peace and tranquility and their music festivals.

Why can’t the Palestinians behave and accept their lot under zionist occupation, the Saudis ask.

After all, the Saudis have accepted their subservient role to the zionists and American imperialists.

Even if their own soldiers are totally incompetent and cannot fight Israel, they have billions of dollars of surplus wealth.

The Saudis can hire soldiers to fight the zionist war criminals.

This is what they did in Yemen.

They spent billions of dollars on hiring mercenaries from Africa and South America to fight the Ansarallah in Yemen.

Or, the Saudi billions are only meant to hire mercenaries to kill other Muslims but never to be used to fight the enemies of Islam?

What better cause than to fight the zionist occupiers of Palestine and help liberate Masjid al Aqsa from the clutches of the zionist war criminals?

But no, the Saudis are not willing to help the Palestinians. Nor are they interested in liberating Masjid al Aqsa.

The Saudis already occupy Makkah and al-Madinah on behalf of their zionist and imperialist masters.

If the zionists are busy killing Palestinian children, the Saudi rulers cannot be bothered.

They would rather enjoy themselves gyrating to the beat as Shakira croons into the microphone.

And they would rather caress the soft white skin of Jewish women of European or North American stock.

Many Jewish women in Israel as well as abroad work for the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.

As part of their duty to support the zionist entity, they are encouraged to have sex with their targets.

A rabbi had already blessed such sexual activities.

Tzipi Livni, a former foreign minister admitted to having sex with many Arab politicians to extract information.

Unfortunately, she did not name them but we can speculate.

Her targets definitely included figures from the Palestinian Authority as well as Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati officials.

One can further speculate that Mossad must have filmed such sexual encounters to blackmail their targets.

For Arab politicians, having sex with Israeli women is much more fun than worrying about dead or traumatized Palestinian babies.

The Livni sex scandal story has been denied although the Egyptian paper, Al-Masr al- Yaum that first published it, cited an interview she gave to the London Times in 2009 for its basis.

Regardless, it is well-established that Mossad uses its female assets for sexual entrapment of its targets.

The case of Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear technician and peace activist who blew the whistle on Israeli nuclear program in 1986, points to the dirty activities of Mossad.

Vanunu was lured by a female Mossad agent to Italy.

He was promptly grabbed by other Mossad agents waiting for him. He was drugged and smuggled to Israel where he was handed a long sentence.

Iraqi and Egyptian nuclear scientists were similarly entrapped by Female Mossad agents and murdered.

The situation elsewhere in the Arab world vis-a-vis Gaza is little better.

Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, Morocco, etc., are all quiet about the slaughter in Gaza.

Their masses are seething with anger.

In Jordan, the people even attempted to storm the American and Israel embassies.

They were beaten back by the police.

More than 60% of Jordan’s population is Palestinian.

They demanded termination of the peace treaty with Israel.

Their other demand was to open the border so that they could go to help their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

The Jordanian regime did not allow them.

Egypt is no better. It is also on the boil.

There is great discontent in the Egyptian armed forces at what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.

Many in Egypt’s army want to take action against Israel.

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi warned them against it saying it would complicate the situation.

Instead, the Sisi regime is helping Israel to smuggle its soldiers behind Hamas lines to attack them.

So, who is helping the Palestinians, even in a limited fashion?

Islamic Iran, Hizbullah, AnsarAllah in Yemen, and the Iraqi militias are offering some support.

This may not be enough but they are not complicit in the US-zionist crimes against the defenceless Palestinian people.

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