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Shawwal 29, 1445 2024-05-08

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Gaza has become a graveyard of Israeli armour.

Even its enemies grudgingly admit that Hamas has withstood, and bested the most heavily-armed military machine in the region.

The odds facing Hamas could not be greater.

Zionist Israel is equipped with the most lethal killing instruments the American arsenal can provide: F-35, F-16 and F-15 planes.

These planes can carry 2000-lb pounds.

They have dropped them on apartment buildings with the occupants inside.

Hospitals, medical clinics, schools, universities, bakeries and warehouses have all been bombed and destroyed.

The zionists have also indulged in the genocide of Gaza’s civilian population.

The Palestinian death count is horrendous.

Nearly 35,000 people have been murdered that include at least 15,000 children.

Another 8,000 children are missing and almost certainly dead.

Israel’s genocidal policy of inflicting death and destruction on the Palestinian population was meant to turn them against Hamas.

This has totally failed.

Instead, the war has brought to the fore deep divisions in the Israeli society (see also here).

In Gaza, the people have rallied behind Hamas for its valiant resistance and bringing pride to the Palestinian people.

Further, their cause has been brought to the forefront of global issues.

The so-called normalization process with treacherous Arab regimes, midwifed by America, has been stopped in its tracks.

The massive student protest movements and encampmentsthat have sprung up at university campuses across the world testify to the fact that Palestine is now the number one issue globally.

So, the question that must be asked is: what gives Hamas the strength to continue in the face such enormous odds?

The simple answer is: Imaan (faith-commitment).

This needs elaboration.

Unlike Israeli soldiers, Hamas fighters are not afraid to die.

In fact, they willingly court martyrdom, firm in the belief that a great reward awaits them in the hereafter.

Such people can never be defeated.

The hundreds of miles of elaborate underground tunnels have also contributed to Hamas’ success in resisting the enemy.

Israeli warplanes and bombs are virtually useless against these tunnels that are very deep and heavily fortified.

Despite numerous attempts, Israel has not been able to penetrate them.

Any time its forces have attempted to do so, they have suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the intrepid Al-Qassam Brigade fighters.

While Israel has not officially disclosed its true casualty figures, reports from the zionist entity paint a very grim picture.

There are reports on the Internet that at least 3,000 Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza and another 11,000 injured, some with permanent disabilities.

Families that have lost sons in battle are in total shock.

They cannot believe how Hamas could inflict such huge blows on the heavily-armed Israeli army.

While Israel claims that after seven months of fighting, it has wiped out most of al-Qassam Brigade fighters, Hamas is still able to carry out attacks against the invaders.

On May 4, for instance, it struck Israeli military targets in the Karim abu-Salem area (Kerem Shalom) killing four soldiers and seriously wounding several others.

Israel withdrew its troops out of there.

The Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari admitted that Hamas could move northward and regroup.

This was an indirect admission that Hamas has not been degraded, much less wiped out.

How is Hamas able to carry out such operations even after seven months of relentless Israeli bombardment?

Even before the escalation of war on October 7, 2023, Palestinian youth, using slings used to throw stones at Israeli soldiers.

Israeli snipers routinely shot them.

Hundreds were killed and thousands maimed in such shootings since March 2018 in what came to be called the March of Return.

The Palestinian youth were not deterred.

When Israel launched its invasion of Gaza, these youth got an opportunity to face off the enemy and send some of them to hell.

There can be nothing sweeter than taking revenge from a cruel enemy.

There is in fact a limitless supply of recruits for Hamas.

That explains why Hamas fighters suddenly emerge in areas that the Israeli army is forced to vacate.

This is true in all areas whether central or northern Gaza.

It must be borne in mind that the infrastructure has been completely destroyed, yet Hamas fighters are able to emerge out of nowhere.

As we write, there are hundreds of recruits receiving military training in underground tunnels.

This brings us to the question of where Hamas gets its weapons from.

Surely, after seven months of fighting, their stocks should have been exhausted.

Theoretically, this is correct but it does not take into account another factor.

Using 2,000 lb bombs, Israel has dropped more than 250 tonnes of explosives since October 7.

That’s the equivalent of two atomic bombs that the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War, according to Chris Hedges, an award-winning independent journalist.

That is a lot of explosives but as experts know, not all bombs explode.

Interestingly, Israel itself has become the biggest supplier of explosives to Hamas.

With a failure rate of around 15 percent, according to the New York Times, the explosive material recovered from unexploded bombs and missiles could keep Hamas supplied for a long time.

Another indication was given by the UN which estimated that it could take 14 years to clear the territory of unexploded bombs.

There is no need to bother.

Hamas engineers are hard at work putting these unexploded bombs to good use.

They are literally giving the Israelis a dose of their own medicine.

Hamas cannot lose this war and Israel cannot win regardless of how many more thousands of innocent civilians it kills.

It merely confirms zionist barbarism.

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