Sharing the profits of crime: why the US feels such an affinity with the zionists

Developing Just Leadership

Yusuf Al-Khabbaz

Muharram 18, 1423 2002-04-01


by Yusuf Al-Khabbaz (Features, Crescent International Vol. 31, No. 3, Muharram, 1423)

The Jews are pillaging Palestine, and the world is looking away. A few feeble-minded declarations and toothless resolutions notwithstanding, no one with the capability to say or do anything of substance seems to care. The people in the streets are loudly voicing their concern, but the silence in the halls of power is deafening. With a few exceptions, the Muslim regimes and media are looking to the West for assistance, for recognition of the plight of Palestine. Many are wondering why it is that the civilized Western world, with its much-vaunted love of peace and justice, is looking the other way. Why is it that "the world’s only superpower" seems powerless to act?

The problem is that these are all myths. The Western world loves neither peace nor justice, and it has a peculiar brand of civilization that has normalized its own crimes. For the West to condemn Israel the West must condemn itself, since Israel is the West, in somewhat concentrated form, but just as murderous, racist and virulent. Israel is too close to the standard Western colonial model of invasion, occupation and subjugation for the Western world to take any sort of action. Individuals may do otherwise, but political and economic powers are indifferent.

Americans claim to lead the world today; that they are the "world’s only superpower." America has also been the staunchest supporter of Israel since its inception in the mid-20th century. A quick look at America’s history explains its complicity. European settlers with a Biblical ideology, amazingly close to present-day Zionism, invaded the Americas and destroyed the indigenous civilizations that had prospered there for centuries or millennia. New Americans paid no attention to the rights of local people, who were wantonly slaughtered and driven from their lands, or who died en masse of the diseases brought from Europe to the Northern American continent by the Europeans.

But that is only one crime of the new Americans. Beside being built on the graves of millions of Native peoples in the eastern and central part of the continent, America was built on the backs of millions of Africans, kidnapped and worked to death in the new world to build and benefit the white man’s paradise. This dual crime of genocide and enslavement was soon supplemented by a third, the systematic depopulation of what was once greater Mexico, the area now known as the southwestern United States, of its original inhabitants. The American colonial machine soon occupied all of what is now called the United States, and legalised and normalized the fruits of its crimes.

Similar crimes were also committed elsewhere. The Spanish and Portuguese laid waste Central and South America and parts of Africa, in the name of a racist brand of Christianity fueled by the Church and a Crusader mentality. The French, Dutch, Belgians and Italians in particular invaded and occupied large areas of Africa and Southeast Asia, initiating colonial wars that took the lives of millions, all in the name of modern Western civilization. The British colonized half the planet, perfecting the practice of indirect rule, which, in combination with the usual slaughter and pillage, proved a lasting method of global subjugation that in many ways survives today.

The formerly colonised regimes of the ‘third world’ are also largely silent about the crimes of the Jews in Palestine. This is because America and Europe have bribed and intimidated these regimes into silence. Economic sanctions, or their opposite in the form of subsidies, keep some of them from speaking, in a bizarre protection-racket funded by the IMF, the World Bank and other transnational economic organisations. The few states that speak out in favor of the Palestinian cause, such as South Africa and Lebanon, have been or will soon be attacked, either militarily or economically; others have been targeted in America’s newest "war on terror."

The Western world is living on the profits of its crimes, which are laid bare for all to see today by the Jews and their atrocious brutality in Palestine. The tortures, executions, internments and terrorism being perpetrated by the Jews today are no more than what America, Britain, France and other Western powers have done in their own past. Now they are "civilized" (ie. sophisticated, suave, and expert at blurring and confusing long-agreed and long-accepted human and ethical consensuses), and engage in polite and subtle conversations about peace and justice, but none of this would be possible without the crimes upon which Western civilization has been built. Where is the court to prosecute the perpetrators and perpetuators of this sordid legacy? There is no such court, because the entire modern legal system was effectively set up by these same criminals, so the judges, juries and executioners are all criminals too,or at least benefit from those crimes.

One difference in the Jewish version of the Western colonial model is that its brutality is broadcast on television via various satellite networks. The US has tried hard to shut down these networks, but many still operate and even the Western media, hopelessly biased, are forced to show some of the reality to maintain their faltering ‘objectivity’. But the blood and brutality on today’s television screens are shadows of the centuries of atrocities committed by the Western powers in their own formative stages. Such images are not an aberration; they are the norm in a centuries-long colonial drive.

It is foolish to expect anything else from the so-called civilized world today, which is being forced to look into an ugly mirror of its own terror, to gaze hatefully upon itself, and upon what it has wrought on the world. Israel is a lesson in colonial desperation. The former colonial powers cannot be called upon for guidance until they are willing to face their own legacies. Until then they will act like America, walking out of international forums such as the United Nations conference on racism in South Africa, proving their arrogance to the world by not facing up to their actions, preferring to continue to live on the profits of their crimes.

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