Sick of staying in dirty UK hotels, Afghan refugees want to be sent back home

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Rabi' al-Awwal 03, 1443 2021-10-10

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by Crescent International

Afghan refugees at US military bases lack food, healthcare facilities and heat. Infants are forced to go without milk. Welcome to the 'promised land' of the US, and its sidekick, Britain where the refugees are so sick of living in cramped dirty hotels that they have asked to be sent back home!

Held in prison-like conditions in dirty, crowded hotels for weeks, Afghan refugees in Britain want to be sent back home.

They have complained about lack of adequate food, lack of healthcare as well as being locked inside the hotel.

This is not what the Afghan refugees were led to believe would happen once they arrived in the ‘promised land’.

Their dream of a better life in the West has turned into a nightmare.

An estimated 15,000 Afghans and their families that had assisted British occupation forces were airlifted under what was dubbed Operation ‘Warm Welcome.’

Lack of housing in already over-crowded Britain has meant refugees being stuck in hotels for months.

Most families are forced in live in a single hotel room. Cleaning services are non-existent.

The refugees are not allowed to get outside the hotel building.

Even if houses are eventually found, the Afghans will discover that these are small and cramped.

Most Afghans lived in large spacious houses in Afghanistan even if they lacked basic amenities.

An Afghan doctor working in Britain summed up the refugees’ plight saying they were pleading for “freedom from the hotel”.

“While £400million in funding had been put forward for resettlement by September, [British] Home Office officials admitted that some Afghans would have to be held in hotels for months,” according to a report in the British Daily Mail.

It has been two months since their arrival in Britain but the refugees say “they are sick of waiting for a permanent home.”

A doctor, who has been working with the new arrivals told The Guardian: “I’ve had a few patients telling me they want to go home.”

One 67-year-old patient told the doctor: “I can’t take this any more. I have to get out of this [hotel] room.”

The doctor said that the man and wife were “so upset” by the ordeal, that he had to put them both on medication.

The situation of Afghan refugees in the US is little better.

The Wisconsin State Journal last month reported a host of problems at a military base, located nearly 40 miles east of La Crosse in rural Wisconsin, where some 12,500 Afghans are held.

They are awaiting processing before being allowed to begin life in the US.

Even though these Afghans had put their lives at risk in their own country to serve the US military occupation, the Americans still do not trust them.

They betrayed their own country and people, yet their white masters treat with such disdain.

This is how America treats those that help and serve them.

Refugees have complained of lack of food, heat in several buildings where Afghans are living, and no access to clean clothing.

Some refugees are wearing the same clothes they have had on since arriving in the U S several weeks ago.

Women have reported being harassed by former Afghan soldiers that had been trained by US forces.

One woman recounted how many Afghans had to wait hours in line for food, sometimes up to six hour, only to find no food was left when they reached the end.

Even infants have been left without milk.

This has been reported in both Britain and the US.

Lack of heat in some buildings is also a serious issue as temperatures dip to near freezing with autumn weather approaching in the US.

The Afghan refugees are beginning to discover, through bitter experience, that even though they betrayed their own people to serve foreign occupation forces, the latter have little regard for the well-being of the people that served them.

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