Supreme Governor of the Church of England [the Queen] aborts British ‘democracy’

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Dhu al-Hijjah 28, 1440 2019-08-29

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by Crescent International

Coups don’t occur only in third world countries. True, the affair there is rather messy because brutes in uniform storm the corridors of power often dispatching the occupant to the second world.

First world countries also undergo coups. These are done without sending people to the gallows but coups are nonetheless carried out.

This is what just happened in the ‘mother of democracy’, the not-so great Britain, or the divided kingdom that is on the verge of economic and political collapse.

The Brexit saga is bad enough with numerous political twists but the August 28 announcement to prorogue parliament is nothing short of a coup.

Boris Johnson, an unelected prime minister, called upon an equally unelected monarch—a relic of the past—to prorogue parliament. Why? Because Johnson wants to stifle debate on Brexit.

Yesterday’s proclamation is not simply a bureaucratic tussle among Britain’s elitist politicians, it is one of the most dramatic displays of secular liberalism’s intellectual inconsistencies.

Suspension of parliament to push the Brexit agenda is a clear demonstration that liberalism’s most important political vehicle, ‘popular will’, can be easily discarded or subverted.

If something similar had happened in a Muslim country that was on the West’s bad guys’ list, the Western media would be screaming bloody murder. It would pontificate about Islam’s disregard of the ‘popular will’.

The Queen’s suspension of the British Parliament, who is also the ‘Supreme Governor of the Church of England’—her official designation—highlights Britain’s clandestine theocracy, but not for God, only for the rich and powerful.

It should also be kept in mind that in comparison to Britain, Islamic Iran never canceled elections, even when it faced Saddam’s onslaught. Saddam’s murderous war was backed by Western powers and the USSR. In a rare display of unanimity, the two rival blocs of the cold war worked hand-in-glove against an Islamic system of governance.

When Imam Khomeini (ra) was asked to cancel the elections during the US-backed war on Islamic Iran, he refused. Elections were held regularly and on time.

Brexit is not just a political crisis it is an ideological battle for the future of the European political project.

Gauging by the reaction of EU bureaucratic elite, impoverish Britain will be made to pay dearly for jeopardizing Europe’s project of the century.

Robert Fico, Slovakia’s Prime Minister, accurately stated in 2016 that “The EU will take this opportunity to show the public: ‘listen guys, now you will see why it is important to stay in the EU’. This will be the position.”

The EU was a successful economic and political project until it became a vehicle for NATO’s eastward expansion.

The current Brexit crisis is a manifestation of the fact that EU gave priority to its NATO driven political agenda over its economic responsibilities. This frustrated many people in Europe because they had great expectations of a better economic future.


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