Syrian election and Al Jazeera’s vile propaganda

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Sha'ban 05, 1435 2014-06-03

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by Crescent International

By turning out in massive numbers for the presidential poll, the people of Syria have exposed the vile propaganda of the West as well as their Arabian puppets, among them the tribal owned network, Al Jazeera. The Takfiri terrorists and their foreign sponsors also stand exposed.

Damascus, Crescent-online
June 3, 2014, 21:03 DST

Millions of Syrians braved terrorist threats to come out and vote in the June 3 presidential election.

Initially scheduled from 7 am to 7 pm, polling was extended until midnight local time to enable people to cast their ballot in the first multi-party elections in the country in 50 years.

More than 15 million Syrians were eligible to vote. There were 11,000 ballot boxes distributed in more than 9,000 offices. Only people living in areas under the takfiri terrorists’ control did not get a chance to vote because the terrorists had threatened to execute anyone that dared.

The expatriate Syrians voted on May 28 and delivered a slap on the face of Western governments and their regional puppets that had claimed Syrian refugees do not support Bashar al-Asad. They came by the hundreds of thousands to do so clutching photos of the president.

The massive crowds in Lebanon where about a million refugees have taken shelter from the war, stunned all observers. They were carrying pictures of Asad and wanted to show their support for him.

Western governments and their propaganda mouthpieces tried to advance the pathetic excuse that the massive turnout was the result of Syrian government “keeping track” of those that did not vote. They would not be allowed to return to Syria.

While people have to be registered to vote and therefore, the Syrian government would know who has voted but it cannot know who the people have voted for. Not allowing Syrians to return was a vicious lie meant to cast aspersions on the process.

The tribal owned Al Jazeera network whose home country has never had any elections, parroted the lie that “observers from countries allied to the regime - North Korea, Iran and Russia - are supervising the election, while a security plan has reportedly been put in place in Syrian cities to prevent possible attacks against voters and polling stations.”

If Al Jazeera had bothered to go to Damascus and other Syrian cities not under the control of takfiri terrorists, it would have discovered dozens of independent international observers on the ground monitoring the election. These are anti-war peace activists that have gone to Syria despite opposition of their home governments.

They come from a host of countries including the US, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Pakistan, India and Thailand in addition to observers from Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Further, Al Jazeera’s report suggested as if observers from Russia, Iran and North Korea cannot be independent. What criterion does the tribal-owned network use to assess the credibility of any observers?

The US regime called the election a disgrace, saying Asad “has no more credibility today than he did yesterday.”

In the US, elections are bought. The US Supreme Court only a few weeks ago ruled that there was no restriction on the amount of money people could spend in support of their favorite candidate.

It is well known that America has the best democracy money can buy. The US Supreme Court just reaffirmed this once again. In October 2010, it had ruled that corporations are individuals and they can buy candidates.

Al Jazeera also quoted its own reporter, Rula Amin, from Al Masnaa border crossing in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. She said: “The opposition says this is a farce, they don't recognise these elections. They say there is no way it could be legitimate while civil war is raging in the country, while it's being organised by the same president they want to overthrow.”

What else can one expect from the opposition that is financed from abroad but where is Al Jazeera’s journalistic integrity? Why did it not give the Syrian government perspective as well? By simply quoting the opposition that has already lost the war, Al Jazeera has clearly demonstrated its own bias.

The election is another blow to the tiny opposition that the Syrian people have clearly rejected as well as their foreign sponsors that peddled the lie that Asad had no support in the country.

The election turnout has shown beyond a shadow of doubt that Asad is hugely popular in the country and that even Syrian expatriates who were under no fear of threats or intimidation came out in massive numbers to support Asad and reject the foreign-backed mercenaries and terrorists.

The presidential election has driven the last nail in the coffin of the mercenaries and their foreign sponsors.

It has also exposed Al Jazeera’s lack of journalistic integrity.


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