Takfiri terrorists continue to kill in Iraq

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Jumada' al-Ula' 02, 1435 2014-03-03

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by Crescent International

The Takfiris, whether in Iraq or Syria, are determined to kill as many innocent people as possible. Their murderous spree took more than 700 innocent lives in February. March is unlikely to be any better.

Dubai, Crescent-online
Monday March 3, 2014, 19:48 EST

February witnessed more killings in Baghdad—703 to be precise—of civilians and security personnel at the hands of the terrorists. The number of dead in February was only slightly lower than the previous month that had witnessed deadly bombings and killings throughout the country reminiscent of 2006 when resistance to US occupation was at its peak.

The takfiris appear determined to kill as many innocent people as possible in their demonic drive to create Takfiristan in the areas under their occupation.

Dozens of people were killed in bombings around the Iraqi capital, Baghdad on February 27, according to officials.

Twenty-five people were killed in one blast at a second-hand motorbike market in the eastern Sadr City district, they said. The number of people killed varies, but according to some news outlets, they were as high as 50.

The bomb, which also injured at least 45, appears to have been placed in a motorbike at the market.

A wounded man, who identified himself as Ahmed, rested in a nearby hospital. “I was about to leave the market when a huge explosion happened,” Ahmed said. “I was hit in my face and my hands and when I got up, everyone was screaming and running towards me away from the blast. I was not conscious of anything, and then I found myself in the hospital.”

Baghdad has been hit by wave after wave of bombings since last April as the precarious peace enjoyed since the end of Iraq's sectarian war in 2008 has unraveled.

Iraq has been locked in a bloody cycle of killings, many orchestrated by takfiri extremists aiming to send a message to the country's Shiite-led government. The latest bloodshed comes as Prime Minister Nouri Maliki wages a war against Sunni militants in western Anbar province. Fresh elections are due in April.

Despite the prime minister's offensive, the pace of attacks around the country continues. In a Sunni district in northern Baghdad a militant smashed his explosives-packed vehicle into a checkpoint, killing three and wounding six.

Meanwhile a checkpoint in the town of Shirqat was hit by a bomb that killed two and wounded four others.


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