Takfiri terrorists massacre civilians in Idlib, Syria: 40,000 under siege

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Shawwal 26, 1436 2015-08-12

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by Crescent International

War is murky business but it gets even dirtier when the enemy's alleged crimes are amplified and those of their own covered up. This is what is happening in the besieged villages of Kafarya and Foua in Syria's Idlib province. The Jabhat al Nusra terrorists have perpetrated a bloodbath of civilians but there is nary a mention of this in either the Western corporate media or that of the Arab world. Sarah's letter (pictured) is given below.

Wednesday August 12, 2015, 07:33 DST

Two villages under siege by the terrorists of Al-Nusra Front since the beginning of the war on Syria witnessed the massacre of 22 civilians and injuries to scores of others on August 10. The Western-Saudi-Zionist-backed terrorists of al-Nusra Front and their equally ruthless allies, especially Ahrar al Sham perpetrated the massacre to punish the civilians that have refused to join them. The villages of Kafarya and Foua in Idlib province in northern Syria have been under siege for more than four years.

As long as the Syrian army was present in the area, it kept one safe-access road open. This allowed some essentials to enter the villages and permitted some residents to leave to get limited life-saving provisions. In late March (March 23), the Syrian army lost Idlib and was forced to withdraw from its bases in the province. The besieged villagers were left at the non-existent mercies of the Western-Saudi-Zionist-backed terrorist group, Jabhat Al-Nusra and its allies.

Since then, no water, food or medical supplies have been permitted to enter the two villages. There is also no electricity and communication with the outside world is cut off. The terrorists launch almost daily rocket attacks on the villages leaving dozens of dead and wounded. The dead are considered lucky since their agony is over. The injured are left without any medical treatment. They lead a painful existence and often succumb to injuries after prolonged suffering.

At the end of July, several terrorist groups launched an attack on the two villages. They called it: “The Battle of liberating Kafarya & Foua”. The barrage of rockets has intensified; Western, Saudi and Turkish-supplied 500 kg rockets are fired at the villages accompanied by incursions with the clear aim to capture them. On August 10, there was intense bombardment of the villages when more than 1,500 rockets hit several neighborhoods.

The attack left 22 dead, mostly children and scores of others were badly injured. So far, the villagers have successfully thwarted the terrorists’ incursions but they now live in complete fear aware of the fate that would befall them if the terrorists were to succeed in capturing their villages. This appears only a matter of time unless the Syrian army is able to make progress in re-establishing control in the area and cleansing it of the terrorist menace.

The terrorists revel in putting up horrific videos of massacres of civilians to instill fear in the hearts of people forcing them to surrender. Surrender, however, is no guarantee of safety. The terrorists abide by no law, Islamic or other. They are consumed by demonic hatred. Shooting people whose hands are tied behind their backs, chopping heads off or even burning people alive are some of their trademarks. Some have even chewed the organs of dead soldiers.

It is revealing that the so-called champions of human rights in the West that amplify the crimes of the Syrian army—if and when they occur and in war these do occur—have been totally silent about the terrorists’ crimes. The pathetic media of the Arab world that reflects the interests of the gangsters and criminals ruling that part of the world have also not mentioned the plight and suffering of the villagers of Kafarya and Foua. They take the view that if the villagers do not surrender to the terrorists, then they do not deserve to live.

Below is the translation from Arabic to English of a letter from 5-year-old Sarah addressed to God that accurately captures the plight of the people in the twin villages. She writes:

“Please God allow us to go safely to Sham (Damascus)…
I am the little child Sarah, Answer my Prayer
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,
Let us go to Sham…
Allah Answers the prayers of children…
Sincerely the Child Sarah…”

(Based on report in: Thewallwillfall)

Post-script: In exchange for allowing food into the terrorist-held Zabadani village north-west of Damascus that is surrounded by Syrian forces and Hizbullah fighters, the terrorists have agreed to allow some food into the villages of Kafarya and Foua in Idlib province. A 48-hour ceasefire has also been agreed which as of this report is holding.


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