Tens of thousands of Canadians reject gender indoctrination of children

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Rabi' al-Awwal 05, 1445 2023-09-20

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by Crescent International

Showing deep concern about their children and grandchildren's well-being, thousands of parents joined rallies across Canada like this one at Queen's Park in Toronto.

Tens of thousands of people across Canada joined rallies on September 20 to oppose the indoctrination of young children about gender identity in schools.

Organized by the #1MillionMarch4Children, groups from different faith communities came together to oppose the belligerent indoctrination of children at a very young age.

The initial call was given by Kamel ElCheikh of Ottawa who said parents’ rights were being trampled upon.

Rallies were held in cities across Canada, big and small, starting at 9 am.

Many parents also brought their children along.

Parents were encouraged not to send their children to school today in protest over what they say is sexual indoctrination of children at school.

Gender fanatics are pushing their agenda on very young children and insist on keeping parents out of the picture.

There is a push back from parents against this policy, as was evident from the huge turnout at rallies across Canada today.

True, there were also counterprotests organized mostly by trade unions.

These well-heeled groups came out to oppose parents who want a say in what is taught to their children.

Parents want their children to learn Math, Science and English at school.

They do not want their children to be confused about sexual orientations at such a tender age.

Many school boards and schools are in clear violation of provincial guidelines by indoctrinating children as young as five years old.

Children are told that if they are born male but feel like a female or something in-between, that is perfectly normal.

Why are five-year-old children subjected to such indoctrination?

The gender theory fanatics frame the parents’ concerns about their children’s well-being as ‘spreading hate’.

Why is it hateful for a parent to say that their child should not be subjected to such indoctrination?

Many parents want to have their children learn the values that their religion teaches.

This is their right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Yet these gender fanatics want to deny them this right.

Parents are saying that they should be involved in what is taught to their children at school relating to sex education.

Parents are first educators and they must decide what is taught to their children, not the teacher or the school board.

Suppose a child does something wrong. Who is responsible for the consequences: the school board, teacher or the parents?

So, why is it that someone else indoctrinates a child but parents must be responsible for the consequences?

Young people are not allowed to get a driver’s license until they reach the age of 17.

They are not allowed to get married before age 18 because they are not considered adults.

So, why is it that children at the tender age of 5 can be indoctrinated about gender identity?

Why is it necessary to create such confusion?

Whose agenda is being served?

Many school boards have introduced same-sex washrooms as part of gender equality.

This has posed serious risk to girls being molested or sexually harassed in these washrooms where boys, pretending to be girls, also go in.

There are reports that in many schools, girls do not use school washrooms at all.

Imagine girls being unable to use washrooms from 8 am to 3:30 pm.

The gender fanatics think this is perfectly OK.

There is a whole alphabet soup of gender labels.

One wonders why these people have taken leave of their senses.

Parents are fed up of such bullying and indoctrination and are speaking out.

The rallies across Canada today served notice that parents will no longer remain silent.

The #1MillionMarch4Children is only the beginning of this campaign.

The good part is that it cuts across all religious backgrounds and social strata.

It is natural for parents to be concerned about the well-being of their children.

Gender fanatics should take heed and back off.

They can do whatever they like in their lives but should not impose their sexual preferences on others.

Parents are fed-up of these bullies and are prepared to stand up for their rights and those of their children.

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