The next four years of America’s unraveling

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Rabi' al-Thani 30, 1442 2020-12-15

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Recent protests accompanied by violent clashes between Donald Trump’s supporters and opponents reflect what socio-political life will look like in the US for the next four years.

On December 12, four people were stabbed and one shot as political unrest spread across the US.

Violence, along with police brutality are now an integral part of US domestic politics.

This is likely to escalate with time.

Glancing at some of the slogans of Trump supporters outline the contours of how the US will continue to disintegrate.

One of the eye-catching slogans during the latest clashes was “we will destroy the GOP (Republican Party).”

His supporters were not satisfied by the position taken by Republican Party elite at Trump’s attempt to hijack the presidency.

This phenomenon once again highlights Trump’s plans.

Once he is evicted from the White House, his mission will be not simply to make it difficult for the new regime to govern.

He will aim to disrupt the entire political set-up of the US.

It is becoming clear that Trump and his hard-core support base have no other vision post-January 2021 except disruption.

After his selection as US president in 2016, the liberal-leftist spectrum of US politics focused only on Trump as a persona.

Taking his clownish personality and ignorance into account, this strategy was expedient and did deliver some results.

Once evicted from office, Trump’s approach will cause much more collateral damage.

He will be far more reckless and that will result in increased violence.

On numerous occasions, Trump has shown that he does not care about the governing elite’s political norms.

In fact, in opposition, Trump will be more effective against the elitist Joe Biden team than when he was president.

It should be noted that many if not most of the allegations against Trump and his team also apply to his opponents.

The American political elite are thoroughly corrupt and Trump will display everyone’s dirty laundry in public.

No redline will be respected and no one will be spared.

Further, since Trump will not be responsible for running the country, it will untie his hands in playing the role of the most radical internal spoiler in the US.

In opposition, Trump and his supporters will become much more dangerous to the US state machinery.

They will not differentiate between what will harm the US as a state and what will pressure the new governing elite.

For decades, the US planted and cultivated mischievous political trends and groups all over the world to achieve its illegitimate imperialist goals.

The biggest weakness of US-backed proxies was always the fact that they had no grassroots support and their foreign loyalty further decreased their influence and credibility at home.

Trumpism does not suffer this disadvantage.

It is an organic waste product of America’s rotten political system. This is what makes it so influential.

For the next four years every interaction of the US regime with external entities will be labeled by Trumpists as foreign domineering.

Just like Biden’s camp regularly spread the rumor that Trump was a Russian pawn, Trumpists will resort to similar tactics, but much more actively and recklessly.

The Donald Trump show is not over by far. Its climax is yet to come.

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