The Oppressed Uighur Muslims: Why the Corporate Media’s intense Focus on them?

Crescent International

Safar 27, 1441 2019-10-26

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

The Uighur Muslims in China are going through very tough times. Nevertheless, the corporate media’s intense focus on their plight that regularly demonizes Muslims and in particular Muslim activists elsewhere should raise a red flag.

Recently a prominent Muslim activist in the UK with substantial social-media following posted an article about the terrible treatment of Uighurs published by the UK’s independent newspaper.

The article describing the horrendous torture of Muslims in China relied on the Israeli newspaper Haaretz as one of its sources.

Considering that Haaretz is based in Occupied Palestine where Muslims are regularly tortured, murdered and imprisoned simply for demanding their fundamental right to a homeland, it is at best hypocritical of the Israeli paper to talk about the plight of Muslims in China.

True, unlike other Israeli papers, Haaretz periodically highlights Zionist abuses of Palestinians but it is still part of the apartheid system occupying Palestine.

The Western corporate media is awash with graphic stories of how badly the Uighur Muslims are treated.

The narrative and construct of many reports reminds seasoned observers of the narrative and reports published about the alleged inhumanity of the Syrian government at the start of the proxy-war in 2011.

Let us recall the infamous fake video showing a Muslim being buried alive for not agreeing to worship Bashar al-Assad or the fictitious Gay Girl in Damascus quoted by numerous “respectable” corporate media outlets.

The ‘Gay Girl’ was an American impostor, Tom MacMaster, a student based in Scotland.

The war on Syria, one of the most heinous mass misinformation operations by the corporate media and Western regimes, should be an important media literacy lesson for people to never forget.

Good propaganda is never a complete lie; it is mixed with some truth to make it sound credible.

The corporate media which legitimized the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and continues to whitewash Western support for brutal dictators in the Muslim world, who oppress Muslim activists in the same way as the Chinese government is doing, have little credibility to present themselves as champions of the rights of Muslims in China.

The NATO regimes view China as a strategic, economic and military rival and would like to undermine it. Thus, they have a vested interest in mobilizing public opinion against Beijing.

When reading reports about the oppression of Muslims in China, it is important to keep this context in mind.

In the age of massive disinformation, it is crucial to not just focus on the news, but the entire context and the intellectual framework.

The Uighur Muslims are indeed oppressed. What about the Palestinians, Kashmiris, Yemenis and a host of others?

Why hasn’t the corporate Western media given a fraction of the coverage to their plight as they have to the Muslims in China?

Extreme caution is in order lest Muslims are misled the same way as they were in Syria eight years ago.


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