The plight of Palestinian Christians must also be highlighted

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Jumada' al-Ula' 27, 1443 2021-12-31

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by Crescent International

If Jesus was born in Bethlehem today, he would have a Green ID. Being from Nazareth, Joesph and Mary would have Blue IDs. Jesus would need a UK-US-EU-armed Israeli military permit to visit his family or go to Jerusalem. Merry Christmas.

As the world was commemorating Christmas this year, the above posted image was being widely shared on social media with the featured caption.

The comments posted above as captions once again reminded many about the plight of Palestinian Christians which rarely gets highlighted in the Western corporate media.

One would assume that since Israel is being maintained by economic, military, and political backing of NATO regimes, whose population identifies as Christian, Zionist authorities would treat Palestinian Christians with less hostility.

This, however, is not the case.

It would be natural to assume that Christian voters in Germany, the UK, US and Russia, for instance, would make the fair treatment of Christians a condition for throwing money and other forms of tangible and non-tangible support at Zionist Israel.

This clearly is not the case. In these countries religion does not play a major role in politics but it is only a part of the explanation.

An average citizen of a Western country does not have the time to look beyond the superficial coverage of Zionist occupation of Palestine presented by the mainstream corporate media.

An overview of the dominant sources of information on the Palestinian struggle against Zionist occupation can easily create an image in the minds of superficially informed people that the conflict is a struggle where Islam and Muslims are the only participants.

This simplistic picture often leaves out the suffering and the struggle of Palestinian Christians at the hands of the Zionist occupation.

As Islam has been vilified for decades by Western academia and the corporate media, it is understandable why many Western citizens often take a superficial look at the dynamics of the situation in Palestine.

They essentially identify the conflict with Muslims and Islam, ignoring the oppression of Christians in Palestine.

Thus, the Palestinian struggle being identified only as a Muslim struggle is easily dismissed in Western public discourse.

One of the important manifestations of this reality was once again reinforced recently when the Western corporate media was reporting on the passing away of South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu, sometimes not even mentioning his uncompromising position on Zionist apartheid regime occupying Palestine.

For the time being it seems that Israel and its allies have been successful in gaslighting the Christian populations of countries subsidizing its occupation from its mistreatment of Christians in occupied Palestine.

Thus, it is the duty of alternative media to provide wide coverage to the suffering of Muslims, Christians, and Jews at the hands of Zionist occupiers.

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