Thousands rally in Toronto against Zionist barbarism in Gaza

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Ramadan 14, 1435 2014-07-12

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by Crescent International

Thousands at Toronto rally slam Israeli crimes and the Harper regime's shameless support for them. Tiny Gaza has been under attack again since July 8. The zionists have murdered at least 125 Palestinians, most of them civilians, especially children.

Toronto, Crescent-online
Saturday July 12, 2014, 05:07 DST

Thousands of Canadians protested outside the Israeli consulate in Toronto to condemn the Zionist regime’s latest barbaric onslaught against the besieged people of Gaza.

The July 10 rally in Toronto coincided with similar rallies across the globe in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Tunisia, Indonesia, the US, France and Britain.

The Toronto rally was organized by Palestine House and the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, a campus-based organization that has spearheaded the campaign against Zionist racism and apartheid policies in Occupied Palestine.

Rally participants included Muslims as well as non-zionist Christians and Jews. Shouting slogans against the Zionist regime and its horrific crimes against the people of Gaza, they demanded an immediate end to the savage onslaught.

Speakers also condemned the Canadian government for its shameless support of Israeli crimes.

The Harper regime acts as a mouthpiece for Israeli crimes parroting the nonsensical line that Israel has the “right to defend” itself. This is also the line peddled by other Western stooges whether in Washington, London, Paris or Berlin.

The Zionist regime has murdered more than 125 Palestinians in Gaza since the latest onslaught began on Tuesday July 8. Not a single Israeli has been killed although the Palestinians have fired scores of rockets against Zionist targets.

Hundreds of Israeli missile and bomb attacks have been carried out against the tiny Gaza Strip that is already reeling from years of illegal sanctions. Even the UN Human Rights Commission has condemned the Zionist regime’s attacks on civilian population calling them violations of international law.

The Zionist regime has targeted people’s homes, apartment buildings and schools. In one case, five members of a single family were killed when a missile hit their home.

There is widespread destruction in Gaza and children live in absolute fear of being bombed and killed.

Life for the Palestinians has become even more precarious with extreme shortages of food and water. Nearly 90 percent of Gaza’s population is food deficient and 95 percent of its water is not drinkable because of lack of filtration facilities.

Sewage treatment plants cannot function because of the siege preventing importation of spare parts to repair them.

There are credible reports that the Zionist regime had planned the attack on Gaza weeks ago and has been carefully coordinated with the regime in Washington.

Other rallies against Zionist crimes are planned in different parts of the world. In New Zealand, a rally is planned for today (July 12) while in Toronto another rally is planned for Saturday July 26 that also coincides with the International Day of Quds.


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