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Tahir Mahmoud

Shawwal 07, 1438 2017-07-01

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by Tahir Mahmoud (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 5, Shawwal, 1438)

In May 2017, Crescent International wrote that “Trump’s clownish behavior and his complete ignorance of most if not all political and economic matters are a clear sign that attempting to predict his policies within any classical political framework would not lead anywhere… the only certainty about the Trump regime is its uncertainty.”

A few days after we published this article, published a column arguing that people overanalyze Donald Trump and that Trump is what he appears to be and that,

…no agenda guides him, no past commitments or statements restrain him, so no one, not even his closest allies (much less the American public or foreign governments) can trust him, even for a second. He will do what makes him feel dominant and respected, in the moment, with no consideration of anything else, not because he has chosen to reject other considerations, but because he is, by all appearances, incapable of considering them.

Taking the above into account, Trump will cause dramatic policy shifts due to his personality. So far, the shifts he has caused are unintentionally positive as they are aiding the emergence of a multipolar world order, especially when looking at this phenomenon in the long-term.

One of the greatest Machiavellian tricks of the US-Zionist war criminal, Henry Kissinger, was his ability to create a split between China and the Soviet Union. By separating the two most powerful communist states from each other and forcing them to compete, Washington gained the upper hand against the Soviet Union during the Cold War and managed to establish a unipolar world order.

Since the end of the WWII, Europe’s unconditional submission to global US policies and adventures worldwide created a great deal of unnecessary headaches for many European states. The latest of them is their support for the takfiri terrorists in Syria. It was clear from the outset that supporting the war against Syria is completely against Europe’s strategic interests. Yet, the Europeans toed Washington’s line as they normally did since 1945. The repercussions are now evident: blowback from terrorists, a massive refugee crisis, brewing economic crises and the rise of fascist political organizations.

European politicians are beginning to realize that the Trump presidency is one of the grand signs of Washington’s imperial decline and its role as a superpower will continue to diminish and do so significantly. It seems that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already figured this out. After meeting Trump during the NATO and the G7 group meetings in May 2017, Merkel said that “the times in which we could completely depend on others are, to a certain extent, over; I’ve experienced that in the last few days. We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands.”

When Trump announced US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, European leaders openly rebuked the US president and even mocked him, thus effectively eliminating Washington’s image as a leader of the so- called “free world” (read NATO). Once the crisis among the primitive and unelected GCC regimes broke out, with Trump’s Twitter outbursts siding against Qatar, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel blasted the US president for his shortsightedness. We are now living in times when the US president is an equal to a European foreign minister. This is great news especially for those who continually suffer from US imperialism.

All of the above is an indicator that Europe is no longer going to unconditionally follow the US. This is a positive development and is another sign of the emerging multi-polar world order.

Whenever negotiations took place between Islamic Iran and the West regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Iran tried to tell the Europeans that Europe’s interests in regard to Iran would be better served if pursued independently of the US. The same occurred in Palestine as the EU could not play the role of an honest broker between the Islamic resistance in Palestine and the Zionist regime because it was compelled to act within the US outlook on the situation in Palestine and the wider Muslim world. All of this is slowly changing and it is being sped up by none other than Trump. In observing Trump’s clownish behavior, one cannot but accept a grain of truth in the statement that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

When Trump entered the US presidential race the ruling liberal cast in the US misread the people’s mood. It seems now it is misreading Trump by overanalyzing his personality.

What should Donald do? Well if Trump is reading this, we would suggest he continue with his greatest diplomatic achievement. The Euro-American alliance is outdated; as a modern guy with heavy-duty Twitter skills, Trump should be truly modern and scrap the archaic Europe-US alliance; its not the 1960s anymore.

Mr. Trump, you’ve got a legacy to build, hopefully for the next eight years. So our advice to you is, don’t always run for the cash, especially given to you by the camel fans in Abu Dhabi. Donald, because your area of expertise is Twitter, it seems you missed some publications on news websites. The leaked emails of the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the US, Yousef al-Otaiba, revealed by the international media, show that al-Otaiba was belittling you. In an email exchange with Obama’s former chief adviser on the Middle East, Rob Malley, al-Otaiba wrote, “on what planet can Trump be a president.” How dare an ambassador say that? You were chosen by almost 60 million “wise” American citizens. You should definitely address this on Twitter.

Donald, your priority in terms of foreign policy right now should be to modernize alliances and toss the old ones out. Imagine how cool it will sound: Donald Trump, the great modernizer of foreign policy. You have been in office only for a few months and we are already comparing you to Henry Kissinger. Continue on this path and you will outdo that old fox, Henry. Just make sure to conduct your foreign policy directly through Twitter, let no fake news channels speak on your behalf.

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