Trump’s July 4 Parade: Balloons, Buffoons, Diapers, Tanks and Planes But No John F. Kennedy Jr!

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Dhu al-Qa'dah 01, 1440 2019-07-04

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by Crescent International

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast/Photos Getty

Donald Trump is a narcissist and exhibitionist. He demanded—and got—tanks and planes for his 4th of July parade at the Lincoln Memorial but nature did not take kindly to it.

Half-hour before Trump was supposed to speak (6:30 pm) it started to pour driving the already thin crowd scurrying for cover.

A large portion of the front area at the Lincoln Memorial was flooded.

Undeterred, Trump still claimed it was the ‘biggest crowd’ ever in American history (just like his inauguration in January 2017 that he also insisted was the largest in history!).

To gauge the IQ of Trump supporters, consider this. Many believe that John F. Kennedy Jr (son of President Kennedy) is not only alive but he would make an appearance, of course as ‘Trump supporter’ having seen the error of his ways.

These people are adamant that JFK Jr faked his death in a plane crash 20 years ago.

Alas, JFK Jr disappointed them but that did nothing to dampen Trump supporters’ conviction that he is alive!

Elvis Presley was also supposed to make an appearance but because many flights into Washington DC were cancelled, he could not make it to the event from Memphis, Tennessee.

There was one place that was packed to capacity: lobby of the Trump International Hotel, especially the watering hole.

How do you make America great again? Why, by buying drinks at the Trump hotel or even staying there, as the Saudis do.

That is why Trump loves them. It helps fill the conman’s coffers.

There was a counter-protest of people fed up with Trump’s antics. They brought an inflated balloon of baby Trump replete with a diaper.

It hovered over the parade ground visible for miles. One can be sure diaper sales would go up in the coming days.

It is good for the US economy; anything to make money.

Another counter-protest in front of the White House resulted in clashes with Trump supporters, especially the ‘Proud Boys,’ a gang of rightwing racists and thugs.

The counter-protesters set two American flags on fire, according to a report carried by CNN although the network clarified that they had captured only one flag burning on camera.

Parts of the area around Lincoln Memorial were evacuated because of the risk of lighting strikes.

Many flights from the twin airports in Washington—Dulles and Reagan—were cancelled because of military planes flying and of balloons released into the air.

Trump supporters had to resort to different gimmicks to make the event look festive.

Nature, however, did not look kindly upon Trump’s extravaganza. Besides the rain in DC, large parts of California and Nevada were rocked by an earthquake.

Trump would definitely say God is against him because he is doing such a great job making America great again!

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