Trump wants to ban all Muslims from the US!

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Safar 26, 1437 2015-12-08

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Republican presidential contender Donald Trumps thinks everyone in America, especially Barack Obama is stupid. He (Trump) is the only one smart enough to save America from Moozlems! There are enough stupid people in America that believe him. Among them is the police chief in a small Texan town. This is not surprising. Wasn't George Bush also from Texas?

There is no shortage of racists, bigots and political clowns in America. Donald Trump is not the first, nor will he be the last, but he is more dangerous than others because he is a successful real estate tycoon and Islamophobia is a thriving industry in the US. Many Americans are immediately attracted to successful business people even if they have made their fortune by being the biggest crooks.

Trump knows that stoking anti-Muslim hatred sells among a segment of the population that has been fed on a steady diet of Islamophobic rhetoric. Fox News excels at such hatemongering but is not unique. It is easy to scare ill-informed people by feeding them nonsense. This is what Trump is doing.

He wants to ban all Muslims from the US. Even Muslim American citizens must not be allowed back if they leave the US. It is still not clear what he would do with those that are here; perhaps would lock them up in concentration camps.

And what has riled up Trump so much? The November 13 Paris attacks and now the San Bernardino, CA shootings of December 2 that left 14 dead and 17 others injured, are what have got Trump so worked up.

He has demanded that all mosques in the US must be shut down until the authorities find out what is going on. What he is implying is that mosques are radicalizing Muslims. Trump has offered no proof for his outrageous assertions that have evoked rebuke from a number of commentators, including some within the Republican Party although two other presidential contenders—Mario Rubio and Ben Carson—have echoed his allegations.

Trump’s latest outburst occurred on December 7 when he had a group of faithful followers assembled inside an aircraft hangar in South Carolina. “This is a stupid country in so many ways,” thundered the Republican frontrunner. “Can you imagine what our great leaders of the past would be thinking?”

He insulted the people sitting listening to him but they were too stupid to realize what this racist and bigot was doing. For him, everyone is stupid except him, the paragon of wisdom and the repository of all knowledge. The list of stupids include Obama and of course the American generals that waste their time on television when they should be bombing some Muslim country, any country, to satisfy Trump’s bloodlust.

If it is any consolation to Muslims, Trump has lashed out at others as well. Mexicans enter the US illegally and then they rape and murder, says Trump. Is that why the US murder rate is the highest in the world? If Trump were to be believed, it is all the Mexicans’ fault and perhaps now the Muslims as well.

Trumps thinks the head choppers and organ eaters from the Middle East are coming to the US as well and only he can protect the American people because others are too stupid or closet Muslims like Obama (Trump has demanded Obama show his birth certificate!).

At least there is one person in America who is taking Trump’s advice seriously. Randy Kennedy, the police chief of Hughes Springs in East Texas, issued a warning to residents this week urging them to buy guns to protect against Muslim terrorists and to fight Obama’s government if necessary. Kennedy, a big bullnecked man thinks the Muslims are coming to invade America and Obama will not protect the people so they must protect themselves.

The most gun-infested country in the world has gone berserk with people buying guns in record numbers. It is all the Mexicans and Muslims’ fault.

Does stupidity have a colour?


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