Two racist entities, Israel and India, agree to replace Palestinian workers

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Dhu al-Qa'dah 09, 1444 2023-05-29

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by Crescent International

Palestinian youth waves Palestine's flag in front of illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank

The Hindutva-led racist regime of Narendra Modi in India has signed an agreement with an equally racist regime in Occupied Palestine to supply 10,000 Indian labourers.

They will work in the construction and nursing fields and replace Palestinian workers in Israel.

That two racist regimes would work with each other is not surprising at all.

The zionist racists exploit Palestinian workers and discriminate against people of colour including Black Jews.

The Hindutva racists discriminate against Muslims and Dalits in India.

Indian workers will fit in well in the zionist entity.

They are docile and used to being discriminated against.

In India, the caste system, a religiously-sanctioned system of apartheid, is viciously practiced.

This hierarchical caste pyramid has conditioned the Hindus in India to accept authority without question.

The zionists will discriminate against Indian workers as well as exploit them by not paying adequate wages for work.

Of the 10,000 Indians due to arrive in Israel,

“half of… them are destined for the construction sector, with the remaining half designated for nursing roles,” according to a report in the MiddleEast Monitor.

Last March, a multi-ministerial mission from Israel visited India.

Its aim was to work on a blueprint for employing workers in the nursing and construction sectors.

The delegation toured training centres and expressed admiration for the training provided to workers before their arrival in Israel.

They must have been impressed by the docility and submission of Indian workers.

These are drilled into them from childhood.

Every person knows his or her place in society.

The spokesman for the Israeli ministry of Population and Immigration stated, “We expect the agreements to be approved shortly, and we will soon be able to start setting up the necessary mechanisms to employ skilled labour [from India] in a proper and supervised manner.”

The Israelis also found Indians to be “experienced and fluent in English”.

That is certainly true.

The Indians would speak slightly better English, even if in their tortuous Indian style trying to emulate the British accent, than the guttural English the zionists speak.

The Worker’s Voice website, Kav LaOved, reports that the number of Palestinian workers in Israel has steadily increased in recent years.

As of mid-2020, more than 80,000 permanent workers were employed in Israel and about 60,000 in the construction industry.

The Palestinians face many hazards while working in the construction industry where the zionists force them to build illegal settlements.

Kav LaOved reports that every year, at least 1200 construction workers die another 100,000 get sick due to the appalling working conditions.

The Workers’ Voice website described the construction industry as the most dangerous sector in Israel.

By bringing in Indian labourers, Israel achieves multiple objectives at a stroke.

First, it will lay off thousands of Palestinian workers making their life under occupation even more difficult.

Indian labourers would pose no security risk.

Further, Israel would be able to block the movement of Palestinian workers from their ghettoes in the West Bank into Israel.

Israel sees this as a brilliant stroke for its strategy of total occupation of all the lands of Palestine.

The only possible drawback might be that the money the zionists charge Palestinians to work in Israel will not be charged to Indian labourers.

But then, Indian labourers may already be discriminated against by not paying them adequate wages.

The racists as they are, people should not be surprised if the zionists accuse the Indians of being dirty and smelly!

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