UK: Lord Ahmed to lead Black Day rally against Indian atrocities in Kashmir

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Jumada' al-Ula' 09, 1439 2018-01-26

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by Crescent International

Friday January 26, 2018

Thousands of people from all over Britain have converged on London to join a rally led by Lord Nazir Ahmed. The rally to observe ‘Black Day’ will be held outside the Indian High Commission to protest Indian State brutality and oppression in Kashmir and other places across India.

January 26 coincides with India’s Republic Day but for tens of millions of people in India—Kashmiris, Sikhs, Assamese and Nagas—it is a Black Day.

Since its creation, India has perpetrated horrific crimes against innocent people. While Kashmir tops the lists, the other people and places have fared no better.

Briefing media outlets on January 22 at the launch of ‘Black Day Campaign’ against Indian oppression, Lord Nazir Ahmed said that the January 26 protest outside the Indian High Commission would be launched with placards inscribed with slogans like ‘Free Kashmir’, ‘Free Khalistan’, ‘Free Nagaland’ and ‘Free Assam’.

London buses have also been plastered with similar slogans, according to Lord Ahmed.

The Indian government has been so rattled by the growing campaign that Lord Ahmed’s home in Rotherham was broken into on January 24. Not only many valuables but even important documents were stolen from his house.

A ceremonial sword that Lord Ahmed had received as a gift was left on his kitchen counter with the clear intent to issue a warning and a threat to Lord Ahmed.

While the house has CCTV cameras, they were smashed before the attackers entered the house that had no occupants at the time.

It is clear that the house had been under surveillance and the attackers knew the house was empty. Further, they broke into the house from a back window after disabling the CCTV cameras.

It was clearly a professional job, the kind that India’s intelligence agency, RAW is capable of perpetrating. This is not merely a criminal offence but a terrorist act perpetrated against a member of the British House of Lord.

The police are treating the issue very seriously and have said they are not ruling anything out.

Speaking to Crescent International after the attack on his house, Lord Ahmed said, he would not be intimidated by such acts and vowed to double his efforts for the rights of the people of Kashmir, Khalistan, Assam and Nagaland.

The January 26 Black Day rally will give boost to the campaign during the Commonwealth countries’ conference in London in April. The campaign will aim to highlight the suffering of the oppressed people in India.

Since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend the Commonwealth group of countries conference in London, Kashmiris and Sikhs see this as an opportunity to shine light on his regime’s atrocious conduct.

In India, such protests are violently suppressed by Hindu extremists. In London, this is not possible. Besides, there will be media representatives from all over the world to cover the Commonwealth conference. Highlighting the struggle of the Kashmiris and Sikhs for freedom will gain much media coverage worldwide.

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