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Ramadan 12, 1438 2017-06-07

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by Crescent International

Tehran, Wednesday June 7, 2017

As suspected, US-Saudi-backed takfiri terrorists were behind the twin attacks in Tehran earlier today in which at least 12 people were killed and another 42 injured.

The terrorist group, Daesh, claimed responsibility for the twin attacks. It has now emerged that the terrorists were disguised as women.

Four terrorists entered the visitors' hall of the parliament building, opening fire on the security guards there.

According to a statement from Iran’s Interior Ministry, all four terrorists were killed before they could make it to the parliamentary office building.

One bomber, holed up on the fourth floor of the parliament building, blew himself up.

Parliament Speaker Dr Ali Larijani condemned the attacks as “cowardly” and said they meant to undermine Tehran’s anti-terror fight. He also called the attacks a “minor” incident reflecting the steely determination of Islamic leaders in the face of such barbaric crimes.

Giving details of the twin terrorist attacks shortly after they were over, the Interior Ministry said in a statement that the first terror group, comprised of two people, entered the mausoleum at around 10:30 am local time. The first terrorist blew up his explosives but the second was killed during firefight with security forces.

Meanwhile, IRNA cited an official with the Intelligence Ministry’s Counter-terrorism Department as saying that several terrorist teams had entered the capital earlier in the day.

One of the terrorist teams was busted before carrying out their dastardly crime but two others managed to escape detection and attacked the parliament building and the mausoleum.

At the Imam’s shrine, one of the bombers, reportedly disguised as a woman, was killed before setting off his explosives, but another managed to blow himself up at the western entrance to the mausoleum.

An ambulance belonging to the Welfare Organization of Iran was targeted when terrorists fired 16 bullets at the vehicle at the mausoleum. Nobody was injured in the attack.

The Interior Ministry said that the country’s Supreme National Security Council will be holding a meeting later in the day to investigate different aspects of the attacks.

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