What has forced MbS to become a peacenik?

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Safar 02, 1441 2019-10-01

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by Crescent International

If we are to believe what the Saudi crown prince told CBS news in an interview aired on September 29, Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) has turned into a peacenik.

He said that war with Iran would entail a “total collapse of the global economy.”

Instead, he called for a “peaceful” resolution of differences with the Islamic Republic.

Bin Salman said a “political and peaceful solution is much better than the military one” to mend strained relations with Tehran.

One can almost visualize Bin Salman wearing bell-bottoms and a bandana around his forehead to secure his long wig from flying off in the desert wind. It would also make him look like a real hippie.

Playing guitar and singing, together with Yuko Ono on a Riyadh stage, “All we are saying is give peace a chance!”

John Lennon must be turning in his grave to see Bin Salman impersonating him.

While we await more details of Bin Salman’s peace overtures, the question arises, what has led to this sudden change of heart—and tone—by one of the most belligerent Saudis in living memory?

It was in May 2017 that Bin Salman threatened to take the war to Iran. Soon thereafter, it became clear that the Saudi regime was supporting and financing terrorist outfits, including MKO to carry out criminal acts inside Iran.

On September 22, 2018, as Iran was marking the anniversary of Saddam Husain’s invasion of the nascent Islamic Republic (launched on September 22, 1980), Saudi-sponsored terrorists struck the southwestern city of Ahvaz that left 25 people dead and over 60 others wounded.

Two terrorist outfits, al-Ahwaziya and Daesh, both financed by Saudi Arabia, claimed responsibility for the September 22 terrorist attack on a military parade in the provincial capital.

Shortly thereafter, the London-based “Iran International”, a Saudi-funded TV channel, allowed al-Ahwaziya’s spokesman to go live on air to defend the dastardly crime.

The British daily, The Guardian, has reported that the channel receives an estimated $250 million annually from the Saudi regime.

But Bin Salman’s recent peace overtures, however, have been forced by successful drone strikes on Aramco facilities on September 14 and the latest spectacular military operations carried out by Yemen’s revolutionary Ansarallah movement against Saudi forces in Najran.

Three brigades of Saudi forces were wiped out together with their equipment, and thousands of soldiers captured. Ansarallah also captured huge amounts of Saudi military hardware in the three-day operation launched on September 28.

Since September 14, the Saudis and their American masters have blamed Iran for drone strikes on Aramco despite Iran’s vigorous denials and Ansarallah claiming responsibility.

Ansarallah’s spectacular military strike in Najran has proved beyond doubt that they can mount successful military operations inside Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis have been made to realize their vulnerability. If the war on Yemen continues, there is serious risk of the Saudi regime collapsing completely, hence Bin Salman’s desperate peace overtures.

Whether he means it or not will be become apparent based on how the regime responds to its continuing war on Yemen. If Bin Salman orders a halt to attacks on Yemeni civilians that would indicate he is serious about peace.

Continuing the war would result in short-circuiting the life of the Bani Saud regime.


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