Where Towing The Line Of Deviant Powers Ends Up

Developing Just Leadership

Imran Khan

Shawwal 22, 1445 2024-05-01

Islamic Movement

by Imran Khan (Islamic Movement, Crescent International Vol. 54, No. 3, Shawwal, 1445)

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One of the areas of the Qur’an and the Sunnah that Muslims have neglected deals specifically with people who make policies and strategies disregarding Allah and His Prophet.

“And bear in mind their mutual argumentation as they [who in life favored temporal power and authority over Allah’s] are in the Fire! Those who were disempowered [in the world] will say to those who were arrogant [due to their power in the world], ‘Verily, we were your followers: so, are you able to relieve us of [our share of] the Fire?’” (The Ascendant Qur’an, Surah Ghafir, verse 47).

This is not some macho Imam or ‘Alim speaking. This is Allah speaking!

As a consequence of the behavior of both the rulers and the oppressed in this world they are collected in the fire. Allah wants us to have a preview of what they are saying and doing.

Many people who have the wrong impression about power gauge it in the physical and material sense. When you don’t have Allah, that is the logical conclusion you end up with. So, in this world, when they didn’t have Allah, they thought of themselves as powerless. We have this mentality in our communities, in our conferences, in our committees and in our congregations.

People refer to those in power, not the power of Allah. They don’t think about Allah! Allah is just a matter of rituals that they go through but when it comes to making decisions, Allah is not on their minds and in their hearts.

This crippled psychology speaks in the world to come. It takes with it the false impressions it had here! People with this crippled psychology think that those who have power can do almost anything. So, this thinking is transferred to Jahannam and they express themselves there.

Some people who don't have power in this world are going to be in the company of the big shots who had power in this world. They will say to the presidents, dictators and despots in Jahannam “can you help and protect us from this torture and torment?”

Who is your president? Who has an influence on your life? At least the rulers had enough sense to respond: Allah’s judgement and ruling is just and final "so forget about it. There's nothing we can do for you."

With this preview in mind- why are rulers who have amassed wealth and power and who consider public resources their personal possessions not challenged?

It is because this crippled psychology is alive and kicking in the average Muslim. Rather than motivate the Muslims to carry the responsibilities associated with leading people to a better tomorrow you have the clergy-class occupying us with trivial issues like “How to park your car when you go to the Masjid, how to dress, how to clean yourself, etc.” Are these the issues that our minds should be chained to whilst forgetting about the misery all around?

Instead of leading with the confidence that comes from inheriting the mantle of truth and justice this is what the clergy-class have been doing. Hence we have the mindset and psychology that the ayah highlights.

Make up your mind where you want to be…

And bear in mind their mutual argumentation as they [who in life favored temporal power and authority over Allah’s] are in the Fire! (The Ascendant Qur’an, Surah Ghafir verse 47)

In yet another preview, Allah describes a scenario on the Day of Resurrection:

And they all will have appeared before Allah [on the Day of Judgement]; and then the weak [who were powerless in life past] will say to those who had gloried in their arrogance [of worldly power and authority], “Behold, we were but your followers: can you, then, relieve us of something of Allah’s chastisement?” (The Ascendant Qur’an, Surah Ibrahim verse 21)

How do the arrogant people such as the ruling class, the wealthy class and the clergy-class, respond?

[And the others who held sway in world affairs] will answer, “If Allah would but show us the way [to salvation], we would indeed guide you [toward it]. It is [now] all the same for us, as far as we are concerned, whether we grieve impatiently or endure [our lot] with patience: there is no escape for us!” (The Ascendant Qur’an, Surah Ibrahim verse 21)

Then Allah tells us about the Shaytaan and his speech. After everything is over Shaytaan says “Behold, Allah promised you something that was bound to come true! (The Ascendant Qur’an, Surah Ibrahim verse 22)

Some Muslims ask “O Allah, if You have promised us victory and triumph where is it?”

You have to work for it! It is not something that comes very easily. It is a precious commodity and priceless treasure that Allah gives you. Allah’s commodity is very expensive and precious!

What do you expect?

Allah to give victory and triumph to people who just say words whilst their behavior and way in life violates what they say?

The ayah goes on with Shaytaan saying

“I, too, held out [all manner of] promises to you - but I deceived you. (The Ascendant Qur’an, Surah Ibrahim verse 22)

What is this promise of Shaytaan? He offers it to many people and lures them through it. It is the intoxication with fame, status, wealth, power, etc. in this world. Allurements that has even the so-called Scholars towing the line of the status quo.

Yet I had no power at all over you: I but called you [to a falsified deity and disorderly authority] — and you responded to me. Hence, blame not me, but blame yourselves. It is not for me to respond to your cries, nor for you to respond to mine: for, behold, I have [always] refused to admit that there was any truth in your erstwhile belief that I had a share in Allah’s divine authority.” Verily, for all who do injustice there is grievous suffering in store. (The Ascendant Qur’an, Surah Ibrahim verse 22)

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