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Jumada' al-Ula' 17, 1445 2023-12-01


by Editor (Editorials, Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 10, Jumada' al-Ula', 1445)

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The ongoing zionist genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the Occupied West Bank has once again brought to the fore the question of whether the United Nations (UN) is a suitable body to address global injustices. This is especially true of the Security Council where the five “permanent members” have arrogated to themselves the power of veto. Thus, if any of the five objects to a resolution, they veto it and it cannot be implemented.

The US leads the pack of war criminals. It does not act only in its own interests, dubious as they are, but also protects the zionist monstrosity from censure. The matter can be raised in the General Assembly which is represented of the global consensus but it has no enforcement mechanism.

The UN Charter contains such high-sounding principles as upholding peace, preventing wars and promoting amicable relations between nations (sic). These are noble objectives but their implementation is non-existent, especially when it applies to the US, its European allies (Britain and France) as well as zionist Israel that has no veto right. The Washington warlords take care of their zionist ward. The other veto wielding powers are Russia and China.

In addition to the two major organs of the UN—the Security Council and General Assembly—there are several other UN bodies that do reasonably good work. These include the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and UN Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Despite the humanitarian work they do, essentially band aid solution after destruction, the Security Council blocks any serious action against the perpetrators.

The ongoing zionist barbarism in Gaza and the West Bank is proof of this. It is an open and shut case. The zionist war criminals should be arrested, put on trial and executed for their crimes. What are the chances of this happening? Under the present circumstances, virtually nil.

So, the question is: what should be done with the zionist war criminals? The UN failure to live up to its own charter proves that this is not a suitable forum for seeking justice. The Washington warlords have hijacked the organization and use it for their own nefarious agenda.

In the 78 years of its existence, the UN has not solved even one crisis. Instead, at its inception, it perpetrated a grave injustice by handing over 56 percent of Palestinian territory to the marauding zionists from Europe (East and West) and North America. The Palestinians were not even consulted. The zionists perpetrated horrific crimes against the indigenous Palestinian population that are still ongoing.

With such glaring UN failure and no hope in the foreseeable future for any justice, what can be done? The first point to internalize is that if an organization is not capable of providing even the minimum of basic justice, why resort to it repeatedly? The entire global political architecture is geared toward serving the interests of the predatory western powers.

The reaction of much of the global south to zionist barbarism provides a pointer to what is possible. With the exception of India, currently dominated by Hindu fascists, almost every country in the global south has condemned zionist barbarism. On October 26, the General Assembly voted for a humanitarian pause in Gaza. 120 voted for the resolution. That constitutes an overwhelming majority of the 193 members of the UN. Six countries voted against and the rest abstained.

The UN General Assembly vote indicates deep unease over Israeli crimes against defenceless Palestinians. These countries belong to West and Southeast Asia, as well as Africa and South America. The six countries that voted against the resolution were the US and Israel, and four tiny islands in the South Pacific.

It is time for the global south to establish a new organization beyond the UN. Its purpose and functions must be carefully formulated. It could be called the Organization for Global Justice or whatever name members of the global south choose. Its role must be determined through mutual consultation. At a minimum, it must work to restore peace, prevent aggression and create an environment for economic cooperation. Unlike the Security Council, there will be no hierarchy in this organization.

Where will its headquarters be and how will its operations be financed? Tehran is the most suitable place for its headquarters. Islamic Iran is the only country in the world that is completely independent of the influence of predatory powers. It knows how to defend its interests and those of its allies.

Its finances will come from member countries based on a percentage of their GDP. Since each member-state will have equal voting rights, big or small, there will be no feeling of being sidelined.

The new organization must also commit to providing troops to confront belligerent powers that terrorize weaker states or people. If such an organization had been in existence, zionist Israel could have been put on notice to cease and desist from its murderous assault on Gaza or face the consequences.

It is possible to create a better world. What is needed is imaginative thinking and seriousness of purpose. The rapidly changing global environment provides a great opportunity to forge ahead.

The multipolar global order requires an organization away from the west-centric United Nations that has clearly outlived its usefulness, if it had any at all.

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