Zionist army gives itself clean bill of health

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Ramadan 14, 1436 2015-07-01

Editor's Desk

by Editor (Editor's Desk, Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 5, Ramadan, 1436)

It kills innocent people including children but refuses to accept any responsibility. The Zionist military insists it has done “nothing wrong”. The reality is different.

The Zionists can do no harm even if they murder children in cold blood. Chutzpah best describes their conduct.In last year’s Israeli onslaught on the tiny Gaza Strip, they murdered more than 2,200 Palestinian civilians, one-third of them children. In one of the most horrific acts, the Israeli navy fired a missile that killed four Palestinian children, aged between nine and 11 playing on the beach.

Israel’s advocate general’s office, refusing to accept responsibility, said the attack was a “tragic accident”. The Zionists alleged they had targeted a “compound” that belonged to Hamas’s naval police and naval force. Refusing to allow an independent investigation, the Zionists always insist on carrying out their own “investigation.” Whitewash would be a more apt description.

Even Western journalists repudiated the Zionist claim about the compound belonging to Hamas’ naval force. They said it was a small, dilapidated fisherman’s hut containing a few tools. The children were playing hide and seek there.

Last month, when the issue of listing Israel as a terrorist entity came up at the UN, the Zionists went berserk. Killing children is a war crime, according to the UN. The Zionists exerted pressure on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and forced him to back down. As a western stooge, he had little choice.

The International Criminal Court is carrying out a preliminary investigation into Zionist war crimes. Will anything come out of it? Highly unlikely.

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