Zionist Israel’s sickening mentality: killing women and children in Gaza

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Dhu al-Qa'dah 18, 1445 2024-05-26

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Attacking and injuring or killing children is the zionist war criminals' favourite pastime (Photo: Anadolu)

The zionists are not humans.

They can’t be called beasts either. After all, beasts only kill to satiate their hunger.

Beasts do not indulge in the wholesale killing of other animals after they have had their meal.

The zionists kill because they have the weapons supplied by the US, to do so.

They take special pleasure in killing women and babies.

The latest example of their barbaric nature was exemplified by air strikes on a centre for displaced people near Rafah, in the far-south of Gaza.

At least 35 people were killed and dozens wounded on Sunday May 26.

The Gaza government’s media office said that the strikes were carried out in Tel al-Sultan neighbourhood in western Rafah.

Tens of thousands of people have taken shelter there after the zionist war criminals ordered them to leave eastern Rafah.

Israeli tanks and armoured personnel carriers had launched their attack from eastern Rafah three weeks ago.

The zionists may be using incendiary bombs to attack civilians.

One of the residents who arrived at the Kuwaiti hospital in Rafah, said: “The air strikes burnt the tents, the tents are melting and the people’s bodies are also melting.”

Israel may be using phosphorous bombs.

They stick to the skin and cause severe burns.

They are banned under international law but do the arrogant zionists care?

They are constrained by no law, legal, moral or other.

They are simply consumed by hatred because the Islamic resistance is giving them a bloody nose in direct fighting.

In frustration, the zionists are attacking civilians.

Since October 7, almost 36,000 Palestinian civilians have been murdered by the genocidal zionists.

Among the murdered are 15,000 children, possibly many more.

The zionists’ contemptuous behaviour was evident from the manner in which they dismissed the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) call to arrest two Israel war criminals: Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant.

Instead, Netanyahu openly threatened the ICC chief prosecutor, Karim Khan for even contemplating such a move.

That Khan had also, quite scandalously, called for arrest warrants against Hamas leaders showed his bias.

How could victims be accused of committing war crimes and equated with the perpetrators of genocide?

Further, the Israeli air strikes on Tel al-Sultan neighbourhood took place two days after the International Court of Justice ICC) had ordered Israel to “immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah”.

The zionist war criminals responded by carrying out more genocidal attacks against defenceless civilians.

“The Israeli occupation committed a horrific massacre by bombarding intensively and intentionally the UNRWA’s Barkasat displacement centre northwest of Rafah governorate,” the Gaza government office said in a statement.

In the eight months since the onslaught on Gaza was launched, the zionists have destroyed almost all of the besieged enclave’s 36 hospitals, every school and university and more than 88% of all buildings.

They have imposed a tight siege on Gaza preventing food, clean water, medicines of fuel from entering.

The UN has warned of an imminent famine among the 2.3 million people of Gaza.

To get a sense of the sentiment among the Israeli population, the vast majority—two-thirds support their military’sgenocidal policy in Gaza— including limiting humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

Thus, they are just as complicit as Israel’s political and military leaders, in the ongoing genocide.

They must all be held accountable for their crimes.

Let us state for the record: The vast majority of Israelis are racists and bigots.

They are thieves and mass murderers and illegal occupiers of the holy land.

That day is not far when they will be hauled before a properly constituted court of law to receive justice for committing crimes over many decades.

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