Zionist media display their ignorance, again!

Empowering Weak & Oppressed

Waseem Shehzad

Dhu al-Qa'dah 12, 1416 1996-04-01


by Waseem Shehzad (World, Crescent International Vol. 25, No. 2, Dhu al-Qa'dah, 1416)

Even as Muslims in the US were celebrating their small but significant victory in getting the US News and World Report to apologise for its willful distortion of historical facts, another magazine repeated the same lie. The New Republic, also Jewish-owned, (what else is new?) like the US News and World Report, repeated the same allegation against the noble messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, as the earlier one.

In its July 8 issue, an article by Yehoshua Porath alleged that the Prophet, upon whom be peace, violated the treaty of Hudaibiyya. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) had just waged a successful campaign to get the magazine to apologise for a similar allegation.

Porath is no ordinary person. He is professor of Middle Eastern History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The offending words read: `... [Yasir] Arafat repeatedly equated the Oslo agreement with the Khudaybiya [sic] agreement, which the prophet Muhammad concluded during his wars with the Quraysh tribe. Muhammad broke the agreement eighteen months after its conclusion, when the balance of power changed in his favor, and it has become a guiding precedent in Islamic law for how to deal with non-Muslim powers.’ For the record, it must be stated that the noble messenger of Allah did not violate the treaty. It was the Makkans who asked for its abrogation. These are historically documented facts. Is the Zionist professor so woefully ignorant of historical facts? We think not.

The entire Zionist enterprise has been built on forgery. Whether it is their claim to Palestine which they alleged was a `land without a people’ (obviously, in Zionist racist mythology, Palestinians do not qualify as human beings!) or their insistence that Jerusalem is only 3,000 years old, the Zionists have told lies. The 3,000 figure as opposed to the 5,000-year history of Jerusalem has to do with another aspect of Jewish history. It was 3,000 years ago that the Prophet Daud (David), upon whom be peace, entered Jerusalem. Zionist history, like Zionist mythology, starts and ends with them.

The current Zionist campaign to cast aspersions on the character of the noble messenger of God, however, is not an outgrowth of ignorance. In their determination, not to honour any agreements - even the surrender agreement of Yasir Arafat - the Zionists are busy distorting historical facts. Most Muslims are opposed to Arafat’s humiliating agreement of surrender but the Zionists are not prepared to concede even the crumbs now that a new, more hawkish and bloodyminded prime minister has taken over in Tel Aviv. Unlike his cunning predecessor Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu is arrogant and blunt.

The New Republic, like the other offending magazine, is Jewish-owned. Its editor, Martin Peretz is an unabashed apologist for the Zionist cause. There is an army of Zionists in the US who will do anything for Israel. A number of other prominent Zionist Jews are also firmly entrenched in positions of influence from where they continue to manipulate US policy as well as keep the American public misinformed.

Daniel Pipes has ensconced himself as the editor of the Middle East Quarterly. One would think this is a magazine dealing with the Middle East in an objective manner. Far from it. Pipes is a leading crusader in the zionist army who masquerades as an `expert’ on terrorism. There are so many of them. Steve Emerson may have exposed himself because of his rash pronouncements about events which were proved wrong quickly but other zionist Jews, strategically placed, continue to exert enormous influence.

The zionists’ stronghold is the media. Their official mouthpiece is the magazine, Commentary, edited by Normam Podhoretz but that is not all. Every magazine and newspaper competes to project the Zionist point of view. Others who must be included in the list of the Zionist army in America include names like Charles Krauthammer - a regular fixture on television - Henry Kissinger, Madelaine Kerbel Albright, currently US ambassador to the UN, Irving Kristol and his wife Midge Decter. The CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is another Zionist apologist. He has had the gall to call for the release of Jonathan Pollard, the Jewish spy who worked for the US navy and passed American secrets to Israel (Could anything in the US be kept secret from the Zionists?).

While every US government has tried to be more pro-Israel than the Zionists themselves, the Clinton white house has taken obeisance to new heights. When the new Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu came to Washington on July 8, Bill Clinton was trembling because he had had the temerity to support his rival, Peres in the recent elections. Netanyahu brushed aside Clinton’s pleas to continue with the `peace process’.

Israel is a beggar State and economically not viable. Yet it was the US president who stood there as a supplicant. Netanyahu walked about with an air of arrogance that comes from the sure knowledge that the Zionists control America. Clinton’s performance simply confirmed this. Unfortunately, Muslims in the US must prepare themselves for more gratuitous attacks on the revered personalities of Islam. In the present climate of hysteria, physical attacks are also likely to escalate as has already happened in so many places throughout the `land of the free’.

Muslimedia - April 1996-August 1996

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