Zionist racism scales new heights of depravity

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Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Sha'ban 11, 1433 2012-07-01

News & Analysis

by Yusuf Dhia-Allah (News & Analysis, Crescent International Vol. 41, No. 5, Sha'ban, 1433)

How racist is the Zionist State of Israel? Consider this. Danny Danon, a Knesset member of the ruling rightwing Likud Partyleads the organization, Deportation Now.

The organization’s name tells it all. Danon and his ilk want to deport all “foreigners” because their presence threatens the purity of the Jewish State. Danon has been leading a campaign and speaking at rallies to whip up xenophobia and mass hysteria against the “foreigners”, mainly African migrant workers and refugees. “The infiltrators [sic] are a national plague and we must deport them immediately before it’s too late. The Sudanese can go back to Sudan and the rest should be deported to other countries in Africa and Eastern Europe,” Danon demanded at a rally in Tel Aviv.

Every African whether from Ethiopia or elsewhere is immediately accused of being from Sudan. We must recall the song and dance the Zionists made about airlifting Falasha Jews from Ethiopia in 1985. Zionist drumbeaters immediately proclaimed this a great humanitarian gesture and how Israel cared for its “own.” It seems, such “care” is used for propaganda purposes only, as the Falashas have discovered to their own loss. Racist violence has been endemic in the Zionist State and erupted yet again against African workers on May 23 in Tel Aviv quickly spreading to other cities. These workers were imported into Israel in order to reduce dependency on Palestinian workers that were viewed as less reliable because they have a tendency to attack the Zionists that stole their land.

Not that the Zionists have ever been peaceful people. The illegal squatters that are euphemistically referred to as “Jewish settlers,” to camouflage their racist nature are a violent bunch. Fully armed, they attack and kill Palestinians at will. They insist on using the Bible as a real estate manual to allege that God “promised” them the land of Palestine. The illegal Zionist squatters also have unbridled protection of the occupation army and police. In the West Bank, the 500,000 Zionist squatters usurp more than 90% of the water resources leaving barely 10% for the 2.8 million Palestinians, the indigenous people of the land. While children of illegal Zionist squatters who have come from North America and Europe, enjoy life in swimming pools, Palestinian children do not even have water to drink. It is the theft of their land compounded by racism that feeds Palestinian anger.

Zionist racism against the Palestinians affects other impoverished people as well in Occupied Palestine: Ethiopian, Russian and Mizrahi Jews, and the non-Jewish Bedouins and Druze. All of them are denied numerous rights that are reserved exclusively for white North American or Western European Jews. This is racism of the worst kind; white supremacists of the apartheid-era South Africa would be proud of Zionist behavior. Such racism has now become more violent. In one recent incident a Zionist mob beat up a Jewish man of Ethiopian descent (Falasha) who they mistook for a non-Jewish African. The police witnessed the attack but took no steps to prevent the assault or apprehend the criminals. Michal Avera Samuel, director of the Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews (FIDEL), said: “I know many young Ethiopian Jews who are now too scared to go to places where there are African migrants because they don’t want to be mistaken for them.”

Successive Zionist regimes have eagerly recruited Falasha Jews and non-Jewish Bedouins and Druze into the Israeli military to protect the Zionist State. They are good enough to give their life and blood to defend the Zionist State but inside this utopia, life is a never-ending nightmare, much like the case of US war veterans returning home after tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the late 1980s, a scandal erupted when blood donated by Falasha Jews was thrown into the gutter because a racist rabbi issued an edict declaring their blood was “unclean” and could not be administered to “white” Jews. Another rabbi insisted that all Falashas must undergo re-conversion to Judaism before they could be considered Jewish. Even so, they remain third- or fourth-class citizens.

Zionist Israel has different classes of Jews because under the new religion of Zionism, not all Jews are equal. At the top of the racist Zionist pyramid sit immigrants from North America and Western Europe. They are referred to as Ashkenazi Jews and monopolize all power, wealth, resources and decision-making processes. Beneath them reside Jews from Russia and Eastern Europe. Then come the Sephardic Jews of Middle Eastern origin that resided in Arabian countries — Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria and Morocco — before Israel’s creation. The Sephardic Jews can be considered closest to the Palestinians culturally and socially.

The Falasha Jews are at the bottom of the Zionist pyramid. The Palestinians — original inhabitants of the Holy Land — fall even lower than the Falashas. Foreign African workers that were “imported” to reduce dependency on Palestinian workers have now joined the ranks of discriminated Palestinians. Policies formulated on the basis of ethnocentric nationalism have led to riots in recent weeks as well as mass protests last year by middle-class Israelis that had camped in Tel Aviv. Last year’s protests coincided with the Occupy Wall Street protests that erupted in the US.

Before Israeli apologists in the West claim these racist practices against African workers are confined to a fringe group, let us hear from the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He said the presence and “non-Jewishness” of 200,000 to 300,000 foreign workers is not good for Israel’s “national identity.” He told the Israeli cabinet: “Illegal infiltrators… are threatening the fabric of Israeli society, its national security and its national identity.”

And what is that “national identity” that Netanyahu is referring to? His Interior Minister, Eli Yishai explained in rather stark terms that because the “infiltrators” were not Jewish, they did not belong in the Zionist utopia because “Israel belongs to us, to the white man.” Not surprisingly, riots erupted within days of Netanyahu’s remarks.

Imagine the uproar if a white person in the US or Canada had uttered such a statement. He/she would be roundly condemned for being a racist even though there are some people in North America that hold such views. The overall environment, however, will not tolerate such racist cant. Why is it that Israeli leaders can get away with such racism without facing international opprobrium? They are welcomed in western capitals — Washington DC, Ottawa, London and elsewhere — and feted as world statesmen. Are Zionist Jews a special breed, above all criticism that they can do what they like and nobody dare question them?

True, not all Israelis subscribe to such racist views but they remain a minority and are in any case, irrelevant to the decision-making process. Journalist Yuval Ben-Ami, for example, commented: “To many of us, the broken windows, looting and attacks on African passers-by carried a clear memory of atrocities committed against Jews in Europe, and the internet was overflowing with references to pogroms and to Kristallnacht.” (Kristallnacht, also known as the Night of Broken Glass, refers to coordinated attacks against Jewish-owned shops and synagogues throughout Germany and parts of Austria in November, 1938).

It is one thing for individuals or even groups to practice racism and discrimination — abhorrent as it is — it is an entirely different matter when a state legislates discrimination, as the Zionist State has done. Racism was inbuilt into the founding philosophy of the creation of Israel. It had to be if the original inhabitants were to be driven out of their homes and villages, and the land depopulated to make room for alien invaders from Europe and North America. Israel’s founding fathers were quite candid about this. Some leading Jewish figures, Albert Einstein, for instance, rejected the offer to become Israel’s president because he clearly saw the racist nature of the Zionist enterprise. He did not wish to be associated with it.

Racist laws were enacted to deprive Palestinians of their homes and land while the “Law of Return” granted blanket right to all Jewish (white) people anywhere in the world to come to Israel and be granted instant citizenship. This was an ingenuous arrangement; at the stroke of a pen, Palestinians were deprived of their fundamental rights and Jews anywhere in the world were granted limitless rights. Such discrimination, however, could not remain confined to the Palestinians even if they have to contend with many more discriminatory laws. Over time, other people fell under its toxic canopy.

On June 3, 2012, a redrafted law, Prevention of Infiltration Bill, went into effect. It stipulates lengthy prison terms, without trial, for refugees. Originally passed in 1954, it was meant to prevent the return of Palestinians to their homes. The Palestinians, of course are familiar with lengthy prison terms without charge or trial. Under what is referred to as administrative detention, thousands of Palestinians have languished in Israeli prisons for many years. While it calls for detention for a six-month period, this is routinely extended by the Israeli military without involvement of any court of law. In May, some 1,500 Palestinian hunger strikers ended their months’ long hunger strike in protest over indefinite detentions without trial and mistreatment in Israeli jails. The Israelis were forced to give assurances to not renew their detention without charge or trial. Given their duplicity, the Zionists may renege on these pledges as they have done in the past.

There is one other point worth mentioning. The Zionist State and its Western apologists insist that the Palestinians must recognize Israel’s “right to exist.” To this has now been added another twist: every person who wishes to be citizen of Israel must recognize it as a “Jewish” state. First, there is no law or convention in the world that stipulates a country’s right to exist. States and their governments — not individuals or groups — may or may not recognize another state. Kosovo’s independence has not been recognized bySerbia and several European countries. Until 1971, the US refused to recognize the People’s Republic of China. There may also be cases where a particular regime is not recognized, such as the Taliban in power in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. Only three countries — Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — recognized them as a legitimate government. Thus, recognition of a state and/or regime is entirely dependent on every country’s own policies. No country or regime can demand recognition from another, much less from stateless people, like the Palestinians.

It should be clear that the Zionist regime is racist to the core and the sooner it is removed from power, the sooner peace will return to the region.

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