Zionist squatters burn 18-month old Palestinian baby to death

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Dhu al-Qa'dah 16, 1436 2015-07-31

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by Crescent International

Attacking and killing Palestinians is nothing unusual for the Zionists. The burning death of 18-month-old baby Ali Saad Dawabsheh, surpassed even the Zionists' horrific record. It puts them in the same league as the takfiri terrorists, Dash (aka ISIL/ISIS). They have the same mindset: total disregard for human life.

Friday July 31, 2015, 11:11 DST

Illegal Zionist squatters in Occupied Palestine have perpetrated another horrific crime: burning to death 18-month old baby Ali Saad Dawabsheh in the village of Duma on the Occupied West Bank today. The baby’s parents and his four-year-old brother also suffered severe burns when Zionist squatters set their family house on fire.

Baby Ali Saad was buried earlier today (Palestine time) amid sobs and immense grief. Hundreds of mourners attended the toddler's funeral. The family was sleeping when the Zionist terrorists struck. The parents were unable to save their baby despite strenuous efforts. They suffered burns to 75 percent of their bodies, according to medics in Nablus' Rafidia hospital.

The Zionist squatters receive direct support from the regime that continues to push with its so-called settlement policy: stealing Palestinian land to build houses for these illegal squatters. While a spokesman for the Zionist regime condemned the attack as a deplorable criminal act, the statement appeared to be an attempt to deflect international condemnation.

The Zionist occupation army issued a statement saying they were trying to locate the suspects in the attack who had sprayed anti-Palestinian graffiti on the family’s home in Duma outside Nablus before setting it on fire. These attacks are not random. This year alone, there have been 120 attacks on Palestinians. Few if any of the Zionist terrorists have been apprehended much less brought to justice.

In reaction to another horrific act of Zionist terrorism, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, said today that he wanted the International Criminal Court to probe the attack as one of the first Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. "Every day we wake up to a similar crime. This is a war crime and a tragedy at the same time. Therefore, we will not stay still. Absolutely not. As long as the settlement and the occupation are there," Abbas said.

Abbas’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rdeineh said that the Israeli regime was fully responsible for the crime as it continued to support illegal Zionist settlement activities and the protection of settlers. He also blamed the international community for its silence over Zionist crimes against the Palestinians. Abu Rdeineh said that verbal condemnation of the crimes was no longer acceptable and that taking practical steps to hold Israeli attackers accountable, as well as the end to occupation, was needed.

Unfortunately, nothing will come of this since the Zionist regime receives support from imperialist and colonialist powers like those in the US, Britain, France etc. The US Congress is virtually in the pocket of the pro-Israeli lobby.


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