Zionist terrorists massacre nine Palestinians in Jenin

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Rajab 04, 1444 2023-01-26

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

Funeral procession on January 26 for those murdered by the zionist war criminals in Jenin

Living up to their murderous nature, zionist occupiers massacred in cold-blood ten Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp today (January 26).

Among those shot and killed was a 60-year-old Palestinian grandmother, Magda Obaid.

She was shot in the neck.

The Palestinian health ministry said Saeb Issam Mahmoud Izreiqi, 24, and Izzidin Yassin Salahat, 26 were also killed in the early morning Israeli assault on Jenin.

Another 20 Palestinians were wounded.

Four of them were reported to be in critical condition.

The zionist assault on the refugee camp was carried out using a ruse.

Heavily armed soldiers entered the camp riding in a commercial truck to hide their identity.

As they entered the camp, the zionists opened fire on residents who realized what was going on and attempted to block their entry.

Several other army vehicles, including bulldozers, followed the commercial vehicle and attacked a building used as a meeting place for residents.

Quoting Anas Huwaisheh, a Palestinian correspondent at a local channel in Jenin, the Middle East Eye reported:

“The sounds of bullets and gunfights were intense, and clouds of smoke covered the sky. The Israeli occupation cut off the electricity, the internet and the cell phone network during the storming. This shows that it was planned.”

The zionists entered Jenin near the area of Jurat Adhab.

When the Palestinians discovered that the Israelis were attacking, they sounded the alarm to alert other residents of the camp.

“There was an exchange of fire between Palestinian fighters and the Israeli soldiers, and then more forces were pushed into the camp,” Huwaisheh said.

“Tens of military vehicles laid a siege around the area.”

True to their lying nature, the zionists claimed they were targeting militants who, according to their “intelligence reports”, were planning attacks.

The zionist occupiers have seldom needed any excuse to murder innocent Palestinians.

After all, at least 29 Palestinians have already been murdered this month.

This murder rate surpasses even the horrendously high figures for 2022 when more than 250 Palestinians were murdered by the occupation forces.

And why did the occupiers prevent Red Crescent medical workers from evacuating the wounded by restricting access to the refugee camp?

Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Kaileh said that Israeli forces “stormed Jenin Government Hospital and intentionally fired tear gas canisters at the paediatric department in the hospital.”

Video footage showed Israeli fired tear-gas choking women and children inside the paediatric department.

Were these women and children also planning to attack the zionist murderers?

Ever since the new fascist cabinet has taken charge led by the indicted criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, attacks on Palestinians have escalated.

Such notorious terrorists as Itamar Ben-Gvir, Bezalel Smotrich, Avi Maoz and Yariv Levin in the Israeli cabinet have vowed to kill more Palestinians.

Zionist criminals establish their credentials by killing and maiming Palestinians.

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