Zionist utopia crumbling under internal, external pressures

Crescent International

Dhu al-Hijjah 11, 1445 2024-06-18

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

The zionist colonial settler entity has never been stable, notwithstanding its self-crafted image of the “only democracy” in the region.

Adolf Hitler made similar claims in Germany.

Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to dissolve his six-member war cabinet on June 17 after two members bolted from it.

Resignations of Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, both former army chiefs, brought to the fore deep divisions in the Israeli political snake pit.

The vipers baring their fangs, are waiting to bite each other even while they continue the genocidal war on Gaza.

There are other divisions in the so-called zionist utopia.

The religious extremists are at loggerheads with the even more religious extremists.

Then there are the obnoxious illegal zionist squatters (aka Jewish settlers) allied with the ultra-extremist religious fanatics.

The secularists hate all these groups.

The law passed in the Israeli parliament to draft Haredi Jews into military service has only sharpened divisions in the settler colonial entity.

Haredi Jews are unhappy because they are being forced to abandon study of the Torah to join the military.

The secularists are unhappy because the law on draft does not apply to these parasites to the same degree as it does to others.

Families of Israeli prisoners held by Hamas have been clamouring for months to end the war to bring their loved ones home.

They are demanding Netanyahu’s resignation.

Netanyahu’s neo-Nazi allies in cabinet—Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir—want to intensify the war on Gaza to wipe out the Palestinians.

This is what Netanyahu has been trying to do for more than eight months but has failed miserably.

Both Gantz and Eisenkot are unhappy with Netanyahu’s war strategy and what will follow in Gaza after the war ends.

Gantz sees Netanyahu as a wounded animal and is angling to force fresh elections.

He feels that Netanyahu’s mishandling and failures have created an opportunity for him to have a reasonable chance of getting into power.

Netanyahu is clinging to power with the support of his neo-Nazi allies.

Divisions in Israel have come to the fore because the Islamic resistance forces are giving a tough time to the occupation army.

It is exhausted and clearly shows signs of cracking up.

The Islamic fighters’ daring operation on June 15 killing 12 Israeli soldiers in Rafah proved their potent power.

In one operation, Al-Qassam Brigade demolished Israeli claims that Hamas fighters had been wiped out.

The biggest military machine appears impotent before the motivated Islamic fighters.

On the northern front, Hizbullah continues to pound Israeli military positions.

Northern Israel bordering Lebanon has been emptied of its 60,000 illegal residents.

For months they have lived in hotels while their houses, farms and forests are set on fire by Hizbullah’s massive fire power.

Fearful that a full-fledged war with Hizbullah would spell the death knell of Israel, the US regime rushed special advisor Amos Hochstein to the region to contain the growing threat of war.

He met Israeli political and military officials before heading to Lebanon.

Hochstein’s visit clearly indicates nervousness in Washington that Israel cannot sustain a two-front war.

It cannot even manage the war in Gaza, despite killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinian men, women and children.

The zionist utopia is falling apart.

Few would shed any tears for its long-anticipated demise.

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