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The ICIT Digital Library announces a new upcoming service called the Writer's Forum. It is being designed to help participants learn how to develop better writing skills using the approach of learning by doing. Emphasis is placed on writing first and then improving writing skills as more articles, papers, etc., are written.

We want to support the development of writers who can write about what is happening with the global Islamic movement in their communities in lots of areas that are not known to many of us. New and better approaches to teaching and learning, health care, resource (water, land, etc.) sharing, and financial services are but a few of the examples where Muslims are figuring out how to conduct their affairs in ways that are consistent with Allah's (swt) guidance.

Sr Jasmine Khan (contact: jkinflow@telkomsa.net) is the Coordinator of the Writer's Forum. She is taking the lead in setting-up and conducting courses and workshops. Additionally, she plans to work with some participants to help them empower people so that they develop skills to help others. In this way we intend to increase the number of writers and extend the coverage of events to more people.

The ICIT digital library will provide the platform for delivering the online courses and workshops. To be a participant, you must be a digital library subscriber.

Look for more info as we get things ready for the launch date of the Writer's Forum.

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