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Rabi' al-Thani 18, 1445 2023-11-02

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by Crescent International

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Hamas’s daring operation of October 7 into occupied Palestine revealed a fact known to many in the region: that apartheid Israel is a paper tiger.

It was military humiliation of monumental proportions.

Lightly armed but intrepid Hamas fighters bulldozed through, in a matter of hours, heavily armed zionist occupation forces besieging Gaza.

Apart from the clear military defeat, on that day, Palestinians inflicted an irreparable ideological and propaganda defeat on apartheid Israel as well.

No number of movies or TV shows will ever be able to revive the myth of “mighty” Israel again.

This is something zionist pundits realize quite well.

Ben Caspit writing for the Washington-based al-monitor.com quoting a former Israeli military official highlighted that “Until now, we were the strongest bully in the neighborhood and suddenly we are a kid who gets beaten up by the neighborhood thugs and calls for his older brother to come help him,” he said.

“In terms of Israel’s image and its medium- and long-term deterrence, this is a destructive process.

“That is why Israel must come out of the Gaza campaign with a clear victory, if possible, a knockout.

“Any other outcome, not to mention a draw of the kind in which the previous rounds of fighting ended, will set the timer for more bloodshed.”

The Palestinian resistance has inflicted immense damage on Israel’s artificially constructed image as a mighty power.

No less damaging has been the exposure of the zionist rulers’ incompetence, and panic in the first two days.

Apartheid regime’s crude Daesh (ISIS) and fake news approach to conceal its fiasco on the battlefield has shown that the zionist entity is detached from the current global reality.

It lacks sophistication in even elementary propaganda strategy.

Zionist rulers fail to realize that by peddling fake news to divert attention from their crimes, and being the occupiers, they have dug a grave for themselves.

In the realm of propaganda and information war, it is a total fiasco.

When fake news constitutes the bulk of any entity’s information strategy, there will be blow-back and nasty repercussions.

So, what are the key signs of the total failure of Israeli propaganda narrative?

By likening Hamas to the western- and zionist- backed terrorist groups, Israel showed that its propaganda campaign lacks intellectual coherence, strategic planning, and long-term objective.

Strictly from a theoretical angle, any reasonably informed person can easily refute the ideological and intellectual likeness between Hamas and the westen-backed Daesh terrorists through quick online research.

It is enough to state that unlike Daesh, Hamas does not derive its intellectual Islamic framework from the Saudi-Wahhabi narrative.

Hamas’s intellectual foundations are rooted in Al-Azhar.

Its intellectual guides are scholars of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other traditional Sunni Islamic scholars.

Daesh stands diametrically opposite in its pseudo-Islamic “scholarship” to Hamas.

The Palestinian Islamic resistance movement does not see itself as an organization whose aim is to govern Muslims worldwide.

At a more practical level, basic internet research will reveal that pro-Daesh groups actively fought against Hamas in Gaza as far back as 2009.

Since 2017, Hamas has been actively cracking down on Salafi militias in Gaza.

Also, forces ideologically opposed to Daesh, such as Iran and Hizbullah, who fought and defeated the western-backed terrorist outfit, are on Hamas’s side.

In addition, crude attempts by the genocide-supporting NATO regimes and their zionist proxy to conflate Hamas with Daesh exposes the complete philosophical inconsistency of western and Israeli propaganda.

Even if one were to accept the narrative of Hamas-Daesh similarity, we must then also accept that Israel and NATO are also terrorists.

During Hamas’s military operation, which is yet to be impartially investigated, if some civilians died, then Israel and NATO are also terrorists.

Together, they have killed and imprisoned far more civilians in recent history than Hamas and Daesh put together.

Thus, there is a fundamental flaw in their narrative’s premise.

It is obvious that Israel’s propaganda has failed because it is not based on the reality of an interconnected and multipolar global order of today.

The biggest manifestation of this reality are the mass scale pro-Palestinian rallies worldwide.

People have expressed through their numbers and activism on Palestine, on the streets in cities worldwide, that they reject Israel’s propaganda.

Perhaps, for the first time, Israel has lost the information war.

Ordinary people are not the only ones actively pushing back against the Israeli-led genocide in Gaza.

Unlike previous zionist military aggressions, there are clear signs that some among the global ruling elites are openly breaking rank with the zionist propaganda narrative.

From Columbian President Gustavo Petro to the President of Croatia, Israel is facing unparalleled pushback from top to bottom of the global public.

Losing the information war is deadly for apartheid Israel.

Being a subsidized entity, which has survived till now due to the financial, political, and military backing of neo-colonialist western regimes, it is essential for Israel to have some significant public support internationally.

It is now becoming obvious to people everywhere, including the citizens of NATO member countries, that Israel is becoming a political, social and soon an economic liability for them.

Israel’s political backers will conclude that they have no choice but to abandon this racist entity.

Cost benefit analysis will lead to that conclusion.

There is no escaping the fact that this specific war is likely to spread regionally.

While this may seem unrealistic now and people might refer to previous zionist aggressions and point out that western neo-colonial regimes will be behind them, it is crucial to understand that today the global order is multipolar.

Could anyone have imagined 10 years ago that the western-propped regimes of Palestinian Authority in Palestine, and the rulers of Jordan and Egypt would snub a meeting with a US president?

It is becoming quite clear that the primary reason Israel was hesitating to launch a full-scale ground invasion of Gaza is because it knows that Lebanon’s Hizbullah and Islamic Iran’s other regional allies will open additional fronts against the apartheid regime.

This factor, combined with growing global condemnation of Israeli aggression completely obliterates the narrative likening Hamas to Daesh.

It is quite clear that Daesh never enjoyed any global support.

This points to the reality that it is simply a matter of time before Israel’s terrible political and information defeats translate into concrete military defeat as well.

In 2023, politics and media realms are heavily intertwined.

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