Being cautious in the forthcoming presidential elections in the Islamic Republic

Developing Just Leadership

Abu Dharr

Jumada' al-Ula' 06, 1430 2009-05-01

Guest Editorial

by Abu Dharr (Guest Editorial, Crescent International Vol. 38, No. 3, Jumada' al-Ula', 1430)

The Islamic Republic of Iran, government and people, are gearing up for presidential elections that are scheduled for the first half of June 2009. There appear to be two prime candidates for the presidency: Mr. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Mr. Mir HosseinMoussavi. Both fine men are qualified beyond doubt to lead the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Movement of the world during the coming four-year term, which will probably be the most challenging time in the history of the Islamic Movement and state. From our position, we are concerned about the contingents and complements that come with these two proven personalities.

We already know the corps and full complement that comes with Mr. Ahmedinejad as they are in place today: advisers, cabinet members and other public servants who constitute the current government of the Islamic Republic. But we are not sure about the staff and personnel who will be brought in if Mr. Moussavi is elected president of the Islamic Re-public. There are telltale indications that some of Mr. Khatami’s “reformists” will be included in a Moussavi government. This is cause for concern. The years in which Mr. Khatami steered the Islamic state eclipsed the transnational and trans-sectarian character of the Islamic Revolution and Republic. During Mr. Khatami’s time and because of some of the individuals who were entrenche in his administration, the Islamic Revolution of al-Imam al-Khomeini’s global horizon was being boxed into the nation-state frontiers ofIran. The trend was so bad that Hizbullah in Lebanon was urged to become a political party first and an Islamic resistance second. We fear not the election of Mr. Moussavi but what his election would bring to bear on the Islamic State and the Islamic Movement by those individuals in Iran who want Islam for Iran but not Iran for Islam.

There is this false notion among some political simpletons that a “moderate” president has been elected in the United States and therefore a non-radical presidency should be elected in Iran. This perception comes from people who no longer want to carry the responsibilities of Islam unto the world. We remind these psychological lightweights that the real election was not in imperialistAmerica, the real election was in Zionist Israel. In Zionist Israel a fanatical, racist, and warmongering gang of politicians was elected. And these are the ones who will be calling the shots in the coming four years. Obama will have to report to Netanyahu; not the other way around.

The message is loud and clear: PREPARE FOR WAR. The slave-masters in anti-Semitic Israel are giving this order to their political slaves in pro-Zionist America.

People in Iran who are going to vote for Moussavi because of Obama have lost sight of the real danger; they have taken their eyes off the Israeli nuclear fanatics in Tel Aviv who are preparing for war against the Islamic State. Before he/she casts his/her vote, the Muslim voter in Iran may want to take notice of these war preparations: the stealth deployment of Patriot missile systems around key oil fields up and down the Arabian side of the Persian Gulf. There are scores of high-brass Arabian military officers streaming into Washington in preparation for what they see, and are told, is an imminent outbreak of hostilities between the Zionist State and the Islamic State. The signs are in the air: the Israeli war-hawks in power now are no longer interested in a Palestinian state and the Annapolis agreement. The Israeli foreign minister who is Hillary Clinton’s foreign minister says for the record [and we hope the Islamic Movement and State can understand this], “We are no longer bound by the previous government’s undertakings for the negotiation of a Palestinian state.” This person, Avigdor Lieberman, who should not be confused with the American Lieberman, wants to take away Israeli citizenship from Palestinians born and living in “Israel.” His fanatical rumblings have disclosed his propensity to expel Palestinians from “Israel.”

President Obama, the first American president to utter the words “the Islamic Republic of Iran” is also the first American president to have an administration working overtime to split Syria from Iran. The American foreign policy establishment will run into Israeli intransigence and stubborn refusal to give back the Golan Heights to Syria. And if you wait and see, you will not be surprised to see the US cave in to Israel’s diktat for the first time after thousands of previous times.

We know that we break new ground when we say that Israel’s nuclear arsenal, nuclear military, and nuclear industry are an existential threat to Islamic self-determination. We are a lonely voice in a propaganda noise factory that keeps on raising the decibel level saying that Israel is facing an “existential threat” by Iran acquiring nuclear power. The tables have to be turned against this predictable Israeli dupery.

The hysterics by the media warriors for Israel are so exposed: Israel has all the nuclear bombs it can handle but all the blame for nuclear guilt has to go to Iran. Israel committed all the war crimes it can handle in Ghazzah but all war crimes have to be placed on ‘Umar Hasan al-Bashir, the president of Sudan for tribal skirmishes that have been going on in Darfur ever since recent history has been written.

Not to be sidetracked by the political show in America, the voters in the Islamic Republic of Iran should take into consideration the official Egyptian cavalry charge against al-Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah and Hizbullah. Anyone who knows anything about Egyptknows that the toady regime there responds and obeys all signals coming from its financiers and awliya’ in Washington and Tel Aviv. Less than a couple of months ago the Moroccan monarch tried to stir up Sunni-Shi‘i conflict in his kingdom. Morocco has the largest Jewish minority in the Islamic East, including scores of governmental officials whose loyalty to Israel supersedes their loyalty to Morocco. The US and Israel have thousands of undercover agents stretched from all Arabian kingdoms to all Arabian republics. The US fifth fleet is housed and sheltered in the tiniest monarchies of Arabia, with all the off-shore “privileges” and “freedoms” granted to sailors.

Qatar launches words from its flagship TV station al-Jazeerah, but is home to one of the world’s longest military runways; it is the forward headquarters for the US Central Command. This is not to mention the whole set of US policies that have been in place against the economy of the Islamic State.

We do not want to interfere with the free and fair elections in the Islamic Republic which no other country in the Islamic East has. Those individuals and classes of people who vote “Iran first” may have legitimate arguments, but only when they exclude theQur’an, the Sunnah, and the Seerah from their vocabulary. It is not easy being and becoming the first Islamic State in modern times. It is not easy continuing to build and spread out the liberty and freedom from imperialism and Zionism by this Islamic State. But committed Muslims have no choice. We love the freedom that comes from being liberated from Zionism and imperialism — and only Islamic Iran in today’s world is liberated from Zionism and imperialism. The world will be watching, the Muslims will be watching, and Allah (swt) will be watching when the only independent Islamic State goes to the poll and elects its next president.

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