Biden regime’s crude censorship of Press TV and other pro-resistance channels

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Dhu al-Qa'dah 13, 1442 2021-06-24

Daily News Analysis

by Crescent International

The Joe Biden regime officially acknowledged that it disabled 33 Islamic media websites of Iranian, Iraqi, Palestinian and Yemeni origin.

In broader terms, the latest shortsighted act of the Biden regime is a “positive” development.

It is a clear sign of America’s fast-declining global influence.

While many social media users immediately expressed outrage at Washington’s crude media censorship, it would be a mistake to look at the latest desperate move simply through the lens of free speech.

The US and its surrogates were never beacons of free speech, notwithstanding their claims to the contrary.

Only 15-20 years ago, the US was powerful enough to control the media narrative.

Thus, it could afford a case-by-case flexibility, camouflaged as free speech.

Today, US power is in decline on multiple fronts.

Thus, the news that FBI and US Department of Commerce have blocked the websites of PressTV, Iran’s Islamic Radio and Television Union along with Iran’s Arabic channel Al-Alam, UK-based Ahlul-Bayt TV as well as Yemen’s Al-Masirah TV is expected by an empire whose soft-power narrative no longer finds takers.

Those with even basic familiarity of the downed webpages will immediately see that many of them have a lot less to do with political views and more with civilizational discourse.

For example, the UK-based Ahlul Bayt TV or the Iraqi Karbala TV do not carry much news about confronting America’s geopolitical agenda.

They are community channels, preaching religion primarily to those who already share their beliefs.

This is a clear sign that the US is losing the civilizational narrative.

In terms of political reasons relating to the latest US cyberpiracy, there are two key factors which probably pushed the Biden regime into this crude tactic of blocking websites.

First, Israel’s informational and political defeat during the latest confrontations in Palestine last month are one factor.

Second, the Biden regime is in the process of appeasing Islamic Iran by rolling back some of the Trump era sanctions.

It, therefore, wants to appear “tough” on Iran to keep the Republican elite at bay to reduce domestic pressure.

In terms of repercussions of the latest US cyber censorship, they will end up in Iran’s favor.

Domestically, the latest US move will confirm, yet again, to most Iranians that American warlords will never give up on Iran.

It is the only Muslim country that booted the US out and set-up a modern functioning Islamic state system.

On the external front, the deathly silence of Western “free speechers” and the corporate media will further reduce their credibility among the people of developing countries.

Thus, in broader terms, the US bureaucracy has merely embarrassed itself and took another step toward a multi-polar global order.

A positive development indeed.

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