Biden’s National Security Strategy a blueprint for global chaos

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Rabi' al-Awwal 18, 1444 2022-10-14

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by Crescent International

With little to show by way of achievements either on the domestic or international fronts, US President Joe Biden released his National Security Strategy document on October 12.

There is little new in its 48-pages.

It regurgitates the old cliches of “keeping America strong”, a reiteration of Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’, and the same old laundry list of “villains” America must confront, and hopefully defeat.

Released ahead of next month’s congressional elections which the Democrats fear losing, there is much chest-thumping about America’s greatness and its responsibility to “proactively shape the international order in line with our interests and values.”

This is what America has been doing for the last 30 years but has left nothing but death and destruction in its wake.

Accusing rival powers [China and Russia] of engaging “in coercive or unfair practices to gain an edge over the United States”, the document calls for “strategic public investments in America’s workforce, and in strategic sectors and supply chains, especially critical and emerging technologies, such as microelectronics, advanced computing, biotechnologies, clean energy technologies, and advanced telecommunications.”

The US and its NATO allies as well as zionist Israel accuse others of using coercive tactics while they are masters of coercion and unfair practices.

Russia continues to be vilified because of the war in Ukraine but it is China that truly riles the American warlords.

China’s rapid economic growth and its massive investments through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in many countries is undermining US hegemonic influence.

Whether it is the Indo-Pacific, the Eurasia landmass or Africa, American designs are anything but benign or peaceful.

With an annual military budget of $813 billion (compared to China’s $300 billion), the US still feels threatened.

Biden announced that more billions will be shovelled to the arms industries to produce more lethal weapons.

Despite spending more than $6 trillion on weapons over the last two decades, America still lost in Afghanistan and Iraq.

How many more trillions would it take to defeat China and Russia?

The aim is not to defeat them militarily, because it cannot even with its so-called allies, but to disrupt their economic progress and political ascendancy globally.

“The United States is a global power with global interests,” the document claims. “We are stronger in each region because of our affirmative engagement in the others. If one region descends into chaos or is dominated by a hostile power, it will detrimentally impact our interests in the others.”

The US is a has-been global power, fast descending into irrelevance.

Just consider how Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates thumbed their noses at Washington when it demanded they increase oil production to make-up for the shortfall as a result US-imposed restrictions on Russian oil and gas.

Iran and North Korea also come in for criticism.

“… Iran interferes in the internal affairs of neighbors, proliferates missiles and drones through proxies, is plotting to harm Americans, including former officials, and is advancing a nuclear program beyond any credible civilian need,” alleges the document.

This is what the US has been doing and continues to do even today.

Why does it maintain more than 800 military bases, many of them around the borders of Iran?

Is the Islamic Republic not entitled to defend itself?

As for North Korea, the document says: “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) continues to expand its illicit nuclear weapons and missile programs.”

This single sentence about North Korea clearly points to US inability to do anything about it.

The message is clear: North Korea is a nuclear power and messing with it is perilous.

Despite spending trillions of dollars on weapons and stoking wars around the world, the US no longer commands respect.

Even its European allies have started to speak publicly about the disruptive role of the US.

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