China to join Russia in fight against takfiri terrorists in Syria

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Dhu al-Hijjah 26, 1436 2015-10-10

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by Crescent International

It appears that neither Russia or China is prepared to allow NATO countries led by the US to create another Libya-type scenario in Syria. The stakes are too high for both. Given US duplicity in fighting against the takfiri terrorists (actually non-fighting), Russia and China have decided to go after the terrorists for their own reasons. Iran and Hizbullah are also helping the Syrian government to confront the terrorist threat.


Saturday October 10, 2015, 09:33 DST

Is China about to join the fight against the takfiri terrorists in Syria? Recent reports indicate Beijing has made a strategic decision to go after the US-Zionist-Saudi-Turkish backed terrorists in the war-torn country.

Since launching air strikes against the CIA-trained terrorists in Syria on September 28, Russia has carried out more than 110 sorties.

Unlike American pinpricks for more than a year, Russian strikes have caused real damage to the takfiri terrorists forcing Washington warlords to complain that Moscow is targeting US allies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to further intensify the pressure by sending the country’s most elite Special Forces—the Spetnsaz—into the war zone.

The equivalent of American Seals, the deployment of Spetsnaz is going to make the takfiris already on the run from Russian bombing raids, even more uncomfortable.

With the anticipated deployment of China’s People’s Liberation Army, the Syrian scene is likely to see a radical change.

Both a senior Syrian official and Russian media have reported the anticipated deployment of Chinese troops. The Chinese aircraft carrier Lianoning and a guided missile cruiser will act in support of their troops.

Media in Moscow quoted Igor Morozov, member of the Russian Federation Committee on International Affairs, as saying the Chinese aircraft carrier, Lianoning, and a guided missile cruiser were heading to the area.

The Chinese ships will be based in the Mediterranean and J-15 warplanes from the aircraft carrier would attack the takfiri terrorist targets in Syria. Both Russia and China have served notice that they will not allow a repeat of the Libyan mayhem to be enacted in Syria as well. Libya lies in ruins and heavily-armed terrorists are rampaging not only in the North African country but have spread to other parts of the Middle East.

In another development, the Pentagon announced that it was withdrawing the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Theodore Roosevelt, from the Persian Gulf. This will be the first time since the Second World War that the US navy would have no presence in the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile Russian warships have already entered the Persian Gulf. The American announcement said they wanted to “avoid any potential conflict” with Russia.

The Washington warmongers are fuming!


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